5 of the most popular AI Movies

5 of the most popular AI Movies

If you are interested in artificial intelligence, you’ve probably seen some of these popular AI movies listed below. Each of these flicks depicts what some of us picture as potential issues we may encounter with advanced artificially intelligent robots in the not-so-distant future.

1. A Space Odyssey – 2001

Everyone loves a good racing movie right? Except, this one is a little different in the sense that the race is not between cars. It’s between humans and an artificial intelligence system onboard a space station. Instead of a trophy being won at the end, the prize in this case is the right to evolve.

While many people remember this movie being slow and very cerebral, it is also creepy in the sense that the near future could play out a scenario like this in real life.

With this movie, you will go on an adventure of exploration into the concepts and realities of infinite life versus inevitable extinction via the hand of modern technology.

Will the AI see the potential wrong in humans over the potential good and simply not invite us along for the ride to eternity?



2. Her – 2013

“Her” is a sci-fi drama movie about a man that falls deeply in love with an operating system “Samantha”. This movie took us through a journey to experience what the future of intelligent computing might look like. The Artificial intelligence on the main character Theodore’s smartphone can speak and write perfect English, organize his email inbox flawlessly, plan tasks and has a great understanding of what Theodore is looking for and needs as an AI personal assistant and girlfriend. Many would argue that this type of technology isn’t that far off.

3. Ex Machina – 2015

In this movie, we see what it’s like to discover what the meaning of consciousness and intelligence is really like when it comes to artificial intelligence.  One of the most difficult problems we face when discussing AI is whether or not we’ll be able to tell if a robot is still a robot, or actually a human. The biggest difference is to find out if robots are simply mimicking us or if they will actually understand human emotions. Can these robots eventually become empathetic and know the difference between right and wrong?

The robot Ava in the movie, is tested throughout the story with these common questions about artificially intelligent robots and some questions are still left unanswered in the end.

4. Terminator: The Series – 1984 – 2015+

Probably one of the most popular movies that feature artificial intelligence is the Terminator series. Imagine for a moment a robot running AI that doesn’t look like a robot but looks like you or me. This robot is created and sent to your neighborhood with the sole purpose of ending a life to protect humanity from the actions that life itself might take on us.

Imagine further that this AI is tasked with finding this person and further identifying that they are a threat and then acting on that knowledge to end her life. This is serious and permanent decision making at its highest. A task many humans have failed at in the past.

The terminator series shows the trials and conflict associated with AI completing seemingly “human only” type tasks in a futuristic police action way. You’ll really have to put yourself in these bionic shoes and ask yourself: “Could I even do this?”

5. Blade Runner – 1982

A world gone mad? A good plan with a failed execution? The movie Blade Runner shows a world where AI bot (androids) are being hunted by humans.

After some “replicants”, (as the film calls them) kill some humans in a bloody attack, an agent comes out of retirement to hunt the assailants. How will he handle himself when he comes across a replicant (android) that emotes human tendencies and mannerisms?

This story really delves into the question of the century: What is life?

Any of the above within your favorite AI movies? Tell us below which others should make the list

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