7 AI Startups to Help You Reach a Better Work Life Balance

7 AI Startups to Help You Reach a Better Work Life Balance

Productivity and work-life balance are constantly at the forefront of our minds when it comes to the Monday to Friday life. Everyone wants to work less, while being more productive. Luckily, this is completely plausible with the help of the advancements in technology, enterprise productivity apps, and new AI startups that are completely changing the way we can efficiently balance work and home life. Let’s look at the 7 artificial intelligence startups that can help us reach a better work life balance:

1. Brain.fm 

Something we could all use a little more of is to relax and distress. This is one of the most difficult things to do when we’re so focused on finishing our work days, cleaning the house, getting a workout in, taking care of the kids, etc. It may seem like there is never any time for us to relax.

Brain.FM is changing this by combining their artificial intelligence with our busy lives and sharing beautiful music that’s meant to relax, distress, and refocus our minds into a calmer mental state. It uses music as brain stimulation to help unlock our cognitive states for whatever we are trying to do in that moment. They have set playlists for sleeping, meditating, napping, relaxing, and focusing.

They have collaborated with neuro-scientists and developed unique audio brain files and came up with a complex music-composing artificially intelligent engine.

2. Vi Personal Trainer

Getting and staying motivated to work out is a common problem for most. We are constantly making excuses not go to the gym, ie. “I didn’t have enough time, I’m too tired, I have no energy”.

With Vi, you can now have your own personal trainer always by your side. It’s like having your own personal fitness coach to guide you through your workouts and letting you know if you should train harder, faster or even slow it down because your heart rate is too high. Vi is adapted to real-time training methods based on your own unique physiology. You can also connect this A.I software to popular music and fitness tracker apps to help you track your progress.

Right now, Vi is taking pre-orders and plans to ship in February 2017.

3. Knowmail

Messy inboxes and information overload overwhelm us and render us frazzled, stressed and unable to focus on the task at hand. With Knowmail, you can be more productive with your day, and focus your time on what matters most with the help from its personalized AI engine. You no longer need to be frustrated with the constant back and forth of emails and not knowing who to respond to first.

Knowmail’s sophisticated system will prioritize your inbox based on email importance, your state-of-mind and personalized predictions. It’s an artificially intelligent assistant that understand your needs and keeps you in control of your inbox.


4. Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock

Waking up in the morning is not something anyone really loves doing. If there was something that could make these early mornings a little more enjoyable, wouldn’t you like to know about it? The Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock is a “voice-controlled and A.I enhanced alarm clock that acts as your personal assistant.”

Bonjour will adjust your alarm to fit your schedule. Ie, if the weather is bad or traffic is heavy, it will set your wake-up time to a little bit earlier so you can arrive on time.  It can also connect with popular apps like Google Calendar, Google Maps, Uber and more. You will never actually need to set your alarm, it can view your calendar and determine your wake-up time for you.

Bonjour is not only an alarm clock, it’s a fitness tracker and planner, a music player, a sleep coach and can even control your smart home devices.  The best thing about Bonjour is that it will get to know your schedule, and adapt and learn every day.

The Bonjour team has made their Kickstarter funding goal and plan to launch in the coming weeks.

5 & 6. ClaraLabs and X.AI

Your work day might include several meetings and phone calls that consume a lot of your time. What’s even more time consuming than meetings and phone calls is the planning and scheduling of them in the first place.  With ClaraLabs and X.AI, an AI assistant schedules meetings with others for you. Their personal assistant technology will pick a time that’s free for you and invite others to this time slot as well as automatically follow-up.

With these 2 startups’ A.I human interfaces, you’re able to schedule reminders, set preferences for preferred call times or meeting and make calendar edits in seconds.

7. Clarke.ai

Nobody loves being the meeting note taker; it’s time consuming to put those meeting notes together, highlight what’s important and send them out to your staff in a timely manner.

Wouldn’t it be great to have this task completely handled by someone else? You can now use Claire instead. You can invite Claire Clarke to a meeting and she will pop up on a conference call and listen in. After your meeting is over, you may receive your notes directly to your inbox and CRM instantly.

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