5 Must See AI TV Shows

5 Must See AI TV Shows

Thirty years ago, artificial intelligence was still seen as something only found in science fiction novels. Today, it’s creeping up all around in our daily lives. As the world continues to move rapidly towards AI machines, there is one group of individuals who believe that AI can provide more opportunities for the human race, while others believe artificially intelligent machines would destroy the human race if not handled appropriately.

It may be a while before this concern is a reality. For now, there are many companies who are creating products based on AI technology and television shows that are giving us a glimpse of what artificial intelligence could look like. While some shows failed to show this in a realistic way, others are almost indistinguishable from actual humans.


1. Westworld – 2016

In Westworld, the robots don’t know they’re robots. The futuristic theme park that these robots are hosts to allows visitors to live out their fantasies no matter how illicit they may be through artificial consciousness. The robots are programmed to feel pain and fear but once they know what is going on they begin to question their existence.

Westworld definitely makes you think about what living with AI machines could really be like.

2. Humans – 2015

With Humans, we see a futuristic universe where human-esque beings called, “Synths” have been integrated into society. While the Synths aren’t human they are as close to the real thing as possible. The show itself doesn’t give us any new thoughts and ideas on artificial intelligence but it does create a fun and compelling experience for those watching.

The Synth itself is highly developed and intelligent to the point where humans find their existence threatening and wonder whether Synths can actually replace their human counterparts.

3. Battlestar Galactica – 2004

The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series has become known for developing a new way of viewing sci-fi. The show features two different forms of AI characters, a primitive form known as Cylon centurions and an advanced form known as humanoid Cylons. The major premise of the show is centered around Cylons looking like “us” and whether Cylons and humans are really that different after all.

4. Person of Interest – 2011

In Person of Interest you won’t see robots but a machine instead. “The Machine” as they call it predicts when a crime is happening, however, it can’t tell if the person the machine is following is the victim or the criminal. This is why a crime fighting team is present to work with the machine in order to prevent the crimes before they happen.

What’s interesting about Person of Interest is that The Machine is as real as we’ll see AI become on television – a large machine with a series of servers. No human-like robots. Just a pure super powered machine with extraordinary capabilities.

5. Black Mirror – 2011

Black Mirror takes on a Twilight Zone-esque structure in that it features a new storyline with new characters in each episode. Each episode features a tech-based twist and actually raises concerns over whether situations the characters are presented in could really happen.

Some of these shows display artificial intelligence perfectly or just show us a fantastical display of it, what are your thoughts?

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