How Will AI Improve Unified Communication?

How Will AI Improve Unified Communication?

What do you think of when you hear the term “Artificial Intelligence”? If you are like most people, you may think about robots talking to you and taking over your job. However, that is the extreme side of AI. When talking about how AI can help in the business world, we are not talking about having robots coming in and taking over. Artificial intelligence can be used to make your job more streamlined, to make everything more organized, and the like. One productive and innovative area in which AI will definitely help is with Unified Communication.

What is Unified Communication?

Unified communication is the combination of a business and marketing concept. It is meant to integrate together in order to give a consisted unified customer experience in a device or software or across numerous devices, as Avaya is granting with Vantage. For example, it can combine instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop sharing, data sharing with integrated voicemail, email, fax and text messaging and other services considered non-real-time communication services.

The whole idea surrounding unified communication is that this makes communication easier and more productive. A person can send a message on one platform and the receiver can receive it on another. For example, if someone were to leave a voicemail, this receiver could access it via text message or even email instead of listening to the voicemail. It is meant to make it easier to stay in touch and to constantly have the information that you need in a format that fits your needs at the time.

How AI will Improve Unified Communication

The main benefit that people will see when these two combine forces is that unified communication will get smarter with artificial intelligence! And with this added intelligence is going to come a slue of benefits of to unified communication and businesses in general. These benefits will include:

  • Optimize the workflow for business
  • Help with decision making
  • Predict and plan for various scenarios that the business may encounter
  • Improve the customer experience (and the user)

But, how is AI going to improve the unified communication process?

AI is meant to help machines learn, reach conclusions and self-correct within the unified communication realm. With artificial intelligence in place, it can easily start to recognize which way is the best way for certain business professionals or even customers to communicate. Instead of being bombarded by numerous voicemails. If text messages are better, then a person can be notified by text that they have a message or even of the message text itself. It is meant to make the entire process of communicating as streamlined as possible.

A few other ways in which AI could help with unified communication:

  1. It could help to automatically discover and gather documents that are needed for a meeting or project instead of an actual person having to handle this process, which could take several minutes or even hours to collect and gather.
  2. The AI could even help to gather documents at the sound of a voice command, which could be helpful during a live meeting.
  3. Customer service can be given to bots that sound natural in their language, so customers often feel as though they are talking to a real live person when they are using instant chat features and the like.

For most businesses, the improved access to data is one of the best reasons why they are intrigued by this combination of technologies. Imagine how much time can be saved when the program can find the files that you need or recall the information that you need for the meeting while in the meeting. It could drastically change the time that is spent in preparation for meetings and how much time people have to spend in general simply organizing data, which is sometimes a task that takes hours per week.

For businesses who are looking to expand their AI, we can help. With the Knowmail and Avaya’s Vantage UC combination, they are changing the world of business email and productivity as we know it! This change could revolutionize the way that you do business, allowing you to take more time to make those important decisions rather than focusing on your inbox as sorting often takes hours of a person’s time.

Eran Abramson
Eran Abramson

Eran Abramson has vast background in entrepreneurship, marketing, and content and is an editorial contributor at Knowmail, while also contributing tech and industry related coverage at ReadWrite. VentureBeat, LifeHack, and more.

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