6 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS

6 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had the luxury of having a personal assistant who could take care of small tasks that add up over time? Even simple things like checking email and correspondence, creating lists, finding restaurants to eat out in, can all eat up a chunk of your day without you noticing. But while not all of us can afford a personal assistant, thankfully the next best thing is here – artificial intelligence.  

We’ve compiled a list of the best artificial intelligence apps for Android and iOS. Here they are:

  1. 1. Knowmail

    is a personalized AI iOS and Android app to help you with the most urgent emails. Knowmail privately and securely learns your email communication habits, behaviors, and preferences, and can present only your most urgent of emails, so you may focus on the most important items whether on-the-go, short on time, or wish to GTD quickly and efficiently.

    Knowmail is a must-have AI app for busy people looking for a trustworthy and secure way to process heaps of emails and act on what matters, without having to spend heaps of time on them



  1. 2. Hound

    is like having a personal assistant that you can instruct to do a wide variety of tasks. Hound acts similar to Google Voice Search, but is equipped with an impressive array of features. For example, you can ask Hound to play your favorite playlist, set different alarms throughout the day, inquire about the weather forecast, or find you the nearest restaurant. All you have to do is activate the app by simply saying, “Ok Hound.”


  1. 3. Replika

    is an AI app that aims to solve the issues involved with human connection. It’s made for people who find it difficult to connect with strangers and works by getting to know you through several programmed questions. What you get is an AI that is very much like you, knows what you want and don’t want, and the things you like to talk about. By trying to become as similar to you as possible, Replika is like your very own best friend – in AI form.


  1. 4. Cortana

    is a virtual AI assistant made for people who need an extra hand but don’t have the resources to hire a human virtual assistant. Warm and welcoming, Cortana uses a female voice to help you with tasks such as making calls, setting up a calendar, and telling you what the weather is like. It can even tell jokes, chat with you, and help you with directions. Cortana’s high-end speech recognition feature and AI capabilities are considered advanced since it can even answer multi-tiered questions pretty fast. Cortana is renowned for having the fastest report times out of all AI virtual assistants.


  1. 5. Seeing AI

    is an app made to narrate the world for the visually impaired and blind. Seeing AI works by turning what it sees in the world into an audio description and guessing the emotions of others based on their facial expressions. It also identifies products by reading the bar codes and reads printed text. Other impressive features include handwriting recognition, a musical light detector, currency recognition, and color recognition.


  1. 6. Recent News

    is an intelligent news app that feeds you with the latest news without you having to look for them yourself. It comes with a built-in AI option that lets you watch news based on suggestions, your interests, or other options. Recent News is fully customizable and lets you receive the news you want, when you want it. It’s much faster and smarter than other news apps, and you can even watch the local news. Choose from thousands of different topics with Recent News.


Having a personal assistant isn’t that expensive. With the right AI apps, you’ve got yourself covered!


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