Artificial Intelligence Benefits for Meetings and Conventions

Artificial Intelligence Benefits for Meetings and Conventions

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as it is commonly referred to as, can be a great benefit when it comes to helping businesses. For those businesses or professionals attending meetings or conventions, or even host these events, they will find AI can help to make them more productive and reduce errors – there is nothing worse than having a meeting or convention that is completely unorganized. If you truly want an event that is going to run smoothly, AI should be considered.

Increase Your Productivity

What is one of the biggest time wastes that you deal with? Sorting through all of those emails! When you are attending a meeting or convention, chances are you are getting tons of emails about the process, registration, others for attendance, checking in, agenda, and more. AI can make this easier on you. By using tools like Knowmail, you can quickly see the messages that are important, letting the others go through until you have the time to check further. Upon installing, the AI solution will learn your habits, behaviors, and preferences, and from there, it will show you the most important emails that are coming through, allowing you to save tons of hours on deleting and organizing what’s not important.

Enhance Meeting Productivity

What is one of the biggest issues that a business faces when having a meeting? Staying on task. This can greatly decrease productivity throughout the entire business. This is where AI technology can help. As pointed out, AI can help with emails, messages, tasks and files, as the average worker spends 20% of their week just finding the information they need. During a meeting, or at its beginning, it is not uncommon to see people spend the time just getting organized.  AI can drastically cut down this time and allow everyone to stay more productive and on task.

AI Can Reduce Distractions

According to many studies done, the average worker is interrupted around every 3 minutes. And from there, it can take around 8 minutes to re-establish focus. When you are using AI, you can cut down on one of the major distractions that workers face…emails and other messages coming in to them. The AI can see what messages are important, allowing those to come through, and holding the others off until you make time to look at these.  This in turn, helps to boost productivity. And when looking at this technology in a meeting, the less distractions that take place, the sooner the meeting can stay on task and get the meeting over sooner and ensure that all information was heard by those who attend.


While artificially intelligent machines used to be something that people feared, it is becoming increasingly prominent in businesses. As these businesses are realizing just how important this technology can be for their overall performance, efficiency and ROI.


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