What Role Will Artificial Intelligence Take in the Enterprise?

What Role Will Artificial Intelligence Take in the Enterprise?

Artificial intelligence is taking over almost every industry, but what role will AI have in the Enterprise? Many people think that AI doesn’t have a place in every industry and a few years ago, they would have been right. Now, artificially intelligent machines are more clever than ever and are used everywhere from teaching to medicine. Business leaders need to look out for the smarts and foresight artificially intelligent technology offers; it can do the same work a human would do – better, faster, stronger.


Prediction and Recognition

AI can recognize patterns almost instantly and this enables it to make predictions as well. It can look at something and recognize it, see a picture of a graph and take out key information, and deliver information simply or in detail. AI machines can also take a picture of an advertisement and break it into parts (this is because of graphics processing units (GPUs) inside the machines). They can take in a lot of information at a time and break it down quickly and at a fraction of the time it would take a human to do the same.

For businesses that carry and rely on a lot of data, the processing and automation capabilities will continue to increase and deliver the goods.

For number-based and straightforward items, artificial intelligence can help almost any industry. For others which require an opinion or a reason, AI might not be as helpful but there is hope that they will be able to gain that ability over time. If they can reason, who knows if their opinions will be better than a living, breathing human. What do you think?

Routine Processes

Thinking about the numbers, humans are more likely to make an error than machines are, and that makes AI a better candidate to handle big data. Even if what’s required is simple, there is more room for error the larger the data sets get. With so many enterprises relying on big data, it makes sense that a bulk of the mathematics will be done by artificially intelligent machines.

To this end, enterprises will be more successful, more productive, and work at a faster rate. To clients, your business will look like it is put together better and stronger.

Many companies already use AI to look at data, including newspapers, tech companies, and big name retailers.

Chatbots, Responses, and Communication

Artificial intelligence has probably spoken to you before and you may not have noticed it: from a call about your prescription being ready to credit card telemarketers. Online, artificially intelligent chat bots can share conversations about products, returns, and even walk through procedures such as resetting routers, filling out forms, or other questions existing in FAQ. Many times, there are options to talk to an “expert,” which will be a real person. This presents cases where AI doesn’t cut it just yet, but will likely still study processes in the background.

In sales situations, AI may grant a low-costing and high-productive option when compared to an actual person. They can communicate in the same platforms, even generating emails with stock responses. Over time, bots will pick up more and more of the sales support tasks, while constantly learning. Eventually, this could mean they could assist in a sales position.

Artificial Intelligence Across the Board

AI is becoming more and more professional, meaning that almost every industry will be able to use it for areas beyond sales and marketing. One field that is particularly hopeful about the addition of artificially intelligent machines is security and fraud detection. Recruiting, retailing, and customer care are also hopeful that AI will contribute to their cause soon.

In law enforcement, pattern recognition makes AI great at facial recognition. It can also help with the sometimes hazy and crazy laws, allowing police to get out of potentially dangerous situations much more quickly.

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Human Jobs

Of course, we are all worried about the impact AI will have on human jobs. For now, it looks like there won’t be much of an impact but that could change very quickly. For those in industries where AI is coming, it will help you. Some of the harder, drudgework that takes your attention away from other tasks will now be handled by someone (or something) that can’t roll its eyes and complain in the break room.

We have no idea what twists and turns the science and technology worlds will take in the next few years. There may be some breakthroughs that push artificial intelligence into enterprise productivity even faster.


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