5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Sales

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Sales

AI or artificial intelligence is something we are dealing with daily and may not even know. For example, did you know this is how Amazon recommends the products that you see based on what you have purchased before or searched? It is how Google can answer the questions that we ask. And there are many more ways and variations.

Some many wonder, how can Artificial Intelligence technology help with sales?

  1. 1. Improve the Customer Experience with AI

When you utilize artificial intelligence to help with sales, you can customize and personalize the customer experience to be what the person wants. For example, AI can help a person to find relevant information related to what they may search when they go to your website. In turn, they are not spending hours trying to find the information that they want. They are more likely to do business with you in the future when they can find what they want immediately.

For example: Retrieving email from those who visit your website and then seeing what exactly this person was looking at. You can then arrange for emails to be sent to those who were interested in a certain product or service yet didn’t buy. This replaces the old way of sending everyone the same email, whether they were interested or not.

  1. 2. Help Close the Deal

AI can even help to close the deal these days. One of the biggest issues faced in the past was that no one was sure what qualified as a great sales lead. Today, the guesswork is taken out of equation. AI can help you to identify and qualify a perfect lead that will result in a sale, so you are not wasting time on those leads that will go nowhere.


  1. 3. Prioritize Emails

AI technology is more than just helping to make a sale or pitch to the right person. Technology like Knowmail can help you to ensure that emails are sorted in a way to make your day run smoother. With this type of solution, you won’t miss an important email from a client, prospective client, or even a colleague due to an overload of your inbox. After all, how many times have you spent trying to find a certain email in a crowded inbox or which email deserves your attention?

  1. 4. Leverage Data Better

AI technology can help to leverage all the data you are getting and do this in a way that is better than what you can do on your own. Not to mention, artificially intelligent machines are going to do this much faster than a single person can do. When using an AI platform to look at data, it will flag anything that is going to need immediate attention, make changes to the plan you have in place if it is not gaining the attention you want, and the like. It makes your job easier, and you can rest assure that the information that you are getting is more accurate.

  1. 5. Learn Your Customer Better

The insights AI gives can allow you to gain an insight into your customer which are not available in other methods. AI can show you what your audience is asking, so you can answer this about your product before they a have to ask. It can show you the common interests of your audience, so you can market products in a manner that appeals to them. It basically helps you to have a better understanding of who is buying a product or service, so you can better do the sales portion of marketing towards this audience. The end result allows you to respond to any changes that may happen in what the customer wants almost instantly.

For those who are involved in sales, AI is making the job a bit easier. Or at least, easier to understand what your audience wants, the questions they need answered, and what they desire in a certain service or product. Through knowing this information, you can alter your sales plan to hit the majority of points that your target demographic is wanting. While sales people still must put in the time and the intelligence to go over the data that AI creates, this data is being created constantly to give a better view of what works and what does not.

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