Artificial Intelligence Music and Soundtracks are a thing now

Artificial Intelligence Music and Soundtracks are a thing now

Artificial intelligent music and soundtracks? Yeah, that’s a thing now. AI is slowly but steadily moving in on the music industry. From composing to collaborating with humans, AI is proving to be a huge player in music creation. While still in its beginning stages, Artificial Intelligence and music make quite a compelling duo….at least from what we can see so far.

Artificially Intelligent technology like Jukedeck, Sony’s Flow Machine, and IBM’s Watson Beat are providing new ways for brands to get access to unique style tones for their marketing videos. While a musician can cost as much as a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars for a jingle, an AI-composed jingle from Jukedeck will only run you about $21.99.

However, being budget friendly is only part of what makes AI’s influence in the music industry convenient and actually, quite fascinating. Artificially intelligent machines allow musicians and composers to experiment with more tones, keys, and transitions. By feeding AI music and melodies and having the machines compose a new tune, we are being exposed to a way of thinking when it comes to creating music, and maybe somewhere down the line, a new genre.

But right now let’s look at what AI is currently doing music-wise. Years from now we’ll look back on Flow Machine and Jukedeck as humble beginnings into something much bigger.



Need background music for your next product video? Let Jukedeck compose a tune for you. All you need to do is choose a mood, tempo, style, and length and Jukedeck will return a uniquely composed song for your next project. Ask their co-founder and CEO, Ed Rex and he’ll tell you, “We’re in the age of personal creation. This is the time for it.” Which is exactly what it delivers, exclusive music meeting specific needs. Jukedeck has even been commissioned by the British division of Coca-Cola to compose songs for their videos and projects.

No longer do videographers and marketers have to spend time combing through catalogs of songs that you may have heard before or that need to be edited down to fit the right length. Jukedeck is bringing convenience and one-of-a-kind sounds to the video and music industry.

Flow Machines

Do us a favor and listen to this track below. What do you think? It has a pretty funky, upbeat tempo going on right? Well if you happened to miss the description then you should note that the melody was completely composed by Sony CSL Research Laboratory’s AI technology-based, Flow Machines. Flow Machines takes a huge catalog or database of different songs and composers and studies them. From there it uniquely combines the styles and techniques it learned into a melody.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Experiments

Right now Google is spending a lot of time experimenting with AI technology and its capabilities. Take A.I. Duet, for example, this computer program is like a collaboration tool. You play it a tune, and it responds back with one of its own by using a catalog of other melodies and mirroring their notes and techniques. Infinite Drum Machine is another AI tool used created by Google. This learning machine listens to different everyday sounds and categorizes them into different groups. Another AI based tool from Google is the Giorgio Cam. This is an app that will, get this, RAP about it. The Giorgio Cam uses image recognition software, a speech synthesizer, and a soundtrack courtesy of its namesake, Giorgio Moroder.

Watson Beat

According to IBM researchers, Watson beat was developed “to learn the nuances and characteristics of all 30 music keys, and to use its extensive knowledge of music theory to compose new songs with certain moods or styles.” (source) Watson Beat is a unique technology in that it can help anyone become more musically creative, even those with little musical history. Recently, Watson Beat even partnered with a Grammy-winning producer to produce a song.

What are your thoughts about AI making its way into our daily lives with AI movies and TV Shows, and now even into the music industry?

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