Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Customer Service?

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Customer Service?

What is customer service? For several years, retail and general businesses have always associated customer service with how friendly the employee is with the customer, along with the old saying that the customer is always right. However, customer service is much more than this. Customer service also refers to having the right merchandise for the customer or even having the right type of delivery service for the customer to meet their needs. When these become an issue, in the customers mind, customer service is at an all time low.

The Old School Methods

Businesses who deal with customers have always used a mixture of ways in which they try to keep customers happy. For example, they may use observation to see what products/services are needed, what doesn’t work and the like to adjust what they offer. In addition, they may use satisfaction surveys to see where they are excelling and where they may be lacking in customer service. However, these methods are quickly becoming outdated and are soon going to be replaced with other methods like artificially intelligent machines.

AI and Customer Service

When most people think of artificial intelligence, they imagine robots doing the work of humans. When talking about AI for customer service, this is meant to streamline data to help recognize what a business needs to do in order to be more customer friendly.

For example, the major retailer Amazon utilizes AI as a way to make purchase suggestions to those who shop with their online store. The data collected shows past purchases, which then helps the AI figure out what customers may want to purchase later.

Another example of customer service improvement with AI is the communication in which a business makes with their customers. For example, many businesses are already using AI via chat features on their website. The AI is set up to understand certain commands and make suggestions. In fact, many customers don’t even realize that they are working with AI while they are using these chatbots. Other ways in which AI can help customer service include:

  • Social listening tools that can track the customer reviews online as well as what is being said about the business
  • New customers can be identified quickly
  • Allows for proactive actions to be taken in order to protect the brand, as well as grow it

AI may have once been a thing of the future, but it is clear that this is here now!

Saving Time with AI

One of the goals of AI is to make a business function better and at a higher speed. Take these examples under consideration:

  1. Utilizing an AI platform for email such as Knowmail can allow employees to better delegate their time to other tasks. They will immediately see those emails that are urgent and important in the mobile, unified communication device, and more, and thus can focus on the right things at their desk or on-the-go, save time, and get things done much more efficiently and with less effort.
  2. No longer do you have a crew of employees devoted to reading those customer satisfaction surveys. Instead, you have concrete data from the artificially intelligent software to back up changes that you are thinking about making.
  3. Changes can happen immediately instead of waiting months for the data to roll in. You can see what customers want today and make changes to include your business in what they are wanting.

The whole idea around AI in customer service is meant to help the business streamline the process and improve customer service in order to increase response, speed, sales, and more!

The Importance of Customer Service

Many customers who shop for products or services are doing so based on the business itself. The competitive market for all industries ensures that customers do have options when it comes to who they buy from. Therefore, the customer service of a business is often what defines the reason as to why a customer shops with that particular business.

Artificial intelligence is meant to be a way that businesses can build a quality brand due to their exceptional customer service.  While only a small percentage of businesses are using AI now, this is going to change. Most AI industries are stating that 55% of businesses will start using AI in the next year. For businesses to compete, AI is going to become a must for their customer service.

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