5 Digital Assistant Productivity Skills for for the Ultimate Productive Day

5 Digital Assistant Productivity Skills for for the Ultimate Productive Day

Having a digital assistant is one of the best uses of Artificial Intelligence that can be seen in real life situations. For those who utilize Alexa, they are going to find that this AI has many ways that you can increase your balance in life. How many times have you found yourself getting behind on a project for work? Or maybe you over schedule everything in your life, leading you feeling as though nothing gets done? This is a common occurrence for many as the world is a busy place, which is why using productivity skills that are available via digital assistants (ie Alexa) is one of the best ways to keep your life in running order.


Where is your time going? Are you missing out on certain meetings or dates because you simply forget? Having Alexa remind you of your schedule throughout the day is a great way to stay on top of all that you need to get done. Alexa can tell you important dates like birthdays or even remind you of upcoming meetings. The Daily Schedule is instantly on Alexa and only needs to be enabled to start using. When used in conjunction with Remind Me, the days of missed meetings and appointments are gone. You can even use Calendar Pile that connects with Outlook.com to have your schedule at the top of your fingers via Alexa.


For those who like to have a list of what they need to get done each day, then having these in a format that you can easily access via Alexa will allow  you to stop with the text reminders on your phone or carrying around an old-fashioned piece of paper with these tasks listed. Once you have completed a task, you can simply tell Alexa that it is done and move on to the next task. Task Tracer is one of the apps that is instantly connected on any Alexa device that will integrate easily into your life.

Note Taking

You never know when inspiration may strike or when you remember that one thing you tend to forget. With Alexa, you can easy take notes and request that Alexa put these into the memory and remind you later, or even have these emailed to you. Note Taker is just one option that allows you to simply state “take my note”.


How much email do you get during any given day? Many people receive hundreds a day, and knowing which email is important and which to read later is vital to your productivity. With Knowmail skills you will find that it learns your communications styles and shows you the emails that are urgent, important, along with predicted actions to get things done quickly and efficiently; an impressive display of artificial intelligence. With this skill, you can easily stay on top of your emails.

Keeping on Task

Working with so many distractions can be harder than what most people realize. With the Work Tomato productivity skill through Alexa, you can utilize the popular Pomodoro technique that is meant to get more work out of the time that you put in, with scheduled rest times to ensure that you mentally are ready to handle anything. Time Spent is also a great skill that is going to give you the option of timing how long it takes to do certain tasks during your day. It can help you to look at what you need to change in order to become more productive.


With all that people have going on, things can be forgotten easily. With a digital assistance that utilizes the best of artificial intelligence you can have a day that is productive and well thought out.

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