Do you work for communication or does communication work for you?

Do you work for communication or does communication work for you?

Dusk is slowly settling into night as you walk through your front door. When you enter your home, the call is out and the children are running to the table each giving you a hug and kiss as they skip past you. You sit and look around you, it hits you- this is what you do it for, this moment means the world to you. The food is warm, the conversation is fun and lively. Does it get any better? You are surrounded by the people you love. Suddenly- bzzzzbzzzzbzzzz… Yes, you heard that. Again, bzzzz…. bzzzz…. bzzzz.The more you ignore, the more agitated you become. The more agitated you become, the quicker your mood changes. Before you know it, this moment- your reason for living, has been shattered. You stand up, annoyed and frustrated as you watch your work/life balance melt away. Your communication device has 30 unread messages. Wait, what? You just left the office an hour ago…. Sound familiar?

You are not alone. Take a look at these statistics; they’re shocking, aren’t they? Did you know that approximately 30-50% of employee time is invested in email alone. Not only that, but did you know that of those emails, about 50% are totally irrelevant. Do you ever look back on your day and wonder if you could have invested the time you spent on emails in a more productive or fulfilling manner?

As communications infrastructure has improved, so too has the constant stream of interruptions. In fact, increasingly, because people do not have enough time to complete a full task between communications- average tasks are now taking people 20%-40% more time because of interruptions. People are more connected, but their productivity has taken a hit.

Think these interruptions only affect you in the workplace? 70% of emails are opened within 6 seconds of receipt. They come anytime, anywhere. In fact, back in 2006 (when many of us were still using Blackberries) the Wall Street Journal coined the phrase Blackberry orphan.[1] Children recognize that a new sibling is in town- one that is grabbing more and more of their parents’ attention.

What is the root of this problem? Why is it that you must be a slave to the communication notifications on your devices? If you feel that the best way to prove your impact in the workplace is by being involved with the most communications; that is precisely what we want to change. We want you to feel that the best way to prove your influence is not through constant communications- both incoming and outgoing- but through concrete achievements. Here at Knowmail, we want the paradigm to shift back to goals rather than emails. It’s time for you to stop being a slave to your emails. It’s time for emails to serve you.

To achieve this objective, you need a product designed to help you manage your communications efficiently. Knowmail was designed specifically for you. With you at its center, Knowmail’s artificial intelligence adjusts the application to best serve your needs as it learns your communication habits and lifestyle. With its actionable options, intuitive design, and focus on maximizing expected impact, you will be baffled at the degree to which Knowmail helps you manage your communication influx, getting to important messages quickly. Not only will you be more efficient in your communications, but also, you will be thrilled as you bolster your productivity and ensure your free time is more fulfilling. Join the communication revolution. Stop serving communication and make communication serve you. Join Knowmail today.

Oded Avital
Oded Avital

Oded Avital is Knowmail's co-founder and COO with over 20 years experience in sales, Biz Dev, product and operation management in corporate and startups.

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