View email threads as complete conversations

View email threads as complete conversations

As we go through our inbox, many times the email threads keep growing with more information, individuals and importance.

This is a common thing, and we’ve become accustomed to it, but many times it is difficult to keep up and the display is not as practical as we wish for: requiring us to click and read messages individually, as well as taking up so much room (redundantly) in our inbox.

Knowmail’s benefits focus on saving the individual time, help them work less and even become more successful. Our features offer various tools to combat email overload and manage the task at hand, and one built-in offering is our conversation smart-view.

Introducing Knowmail’s conversation smart-view

Our conversation smart-view saves you tremendous time when viewing email threads, and will help you keep track of growing conversations along with seeing the big picture much faster.

Firstly, all messages within a thread are grouped together in the inbox list view as one single conversation, so immediately stress is reduced as your inbox is much neater and easier to approach. This replaces the view of a 10 email thread as 10 separate emails, or as one group which requires you to expand or collapse…and then click each message individually.

When selecting any specific conversation, the message view displays the entire thread (complete body of text or a snippet/summary) in chronological order. Each message in this view is clearly separated, but it grants the ability to read a complete thread (or skim) through on one go, without missing info, contact details, nor attachments – Just think of any mobile messaging app, displaying a correspondence in one conversation for easy view, focused on the subject (contact), and seeing so chronologically.

Inline reply for individual messages

To add to the excitement, there is the built-in inline reply, allowing you to reply directly to any individual message within the entire conversation. If out of the entire 10 messages email thread, you wish to reply to Christie’s 8:05am email and not Bob’s 8:32am one, then click on Christie’s and reply in the area provided.

With this you can now add your two-cents to the most appropriate message, also making the context more appropriate to the planned recipient/s.

Email efficiency without extra effort

Knowmail’s conversation smart-view was created to save you precious time while keeping you focused and in the right context. Personally for me, after a recent reformatting of my laptop, 3 days without Knowmail have left me dreading my inbox, which all of the sudden looked like a completely different beast: huge, absolutely crowded and required much more effort from my end to progress with regular inbox tasks.

When Knowmail was reinstalled…Wow, what a relief!

Eran Abramson
Eran Abramson

Eran Abramson has vast background in entrepreneurship, marketing, and content and is an editorial contributor at Knowmail, while also contributing tech and industry related coverage at ReadWrite. VentureBeat, LifeHack, and more.

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