How to Improve Productivity During your Commute

How to Improve Productivity During your Commute

Many people commute an hour or more just one way to work, which can take up a huge chunk of your day. Due to this, many people find that the commute that they make is often the reason that their productivity is not as high as they would wish.

Commuting a long distance for work can result in higher stress levels since you may be dealing with public transport or having to drive this distance on your own. It can also result in increased anxiety and even increase your chances of depression. These issues then affect your productivity. The key is to make your commute more productive so that you are not feeling as though you are losing out on anything. So, how can you increase your productivity during your commute?

  1. 1. Use Commuting Time for Making Lists

There is nothing that can help make you more productive while at work during the day than having a list of things that you need to do. For those who use a train or bus, they can make this list easily with a mobile device. For those who are driving, consider using a voice recording app to help make this list for you, then transcribing this later to paper or to your schedule.

  1. 2. Take Some Time for Yourself and Read a Book or Listen to an Audiobook

While you may be upset about having to commute so far for your job, it is also an opportunity to take some time for yourself, which can help to reduce the stress of the commute. For those who are using public transit, they can read a book while those who are driving can listen to an audiobook. To make this an even more productive time, you can even make this a book that is helping to advance your career or give you new insight into what you do.

  1. 3. Use Knowmail for Email Productivity

While commuting, you may find that the emails keep lighting up your mobile screen. This is one of the complaints that people have. It seems as though no one can really disconnect. However, with Knowmail, you will find that it will only highlight those emails that are considered urgent or important, so you focus on what’s truly relevant. It can make it easier to pay attention to what you are receiving while you are commuting, so you can focus on the commute or simply have some time to relax before jumping into work

  1. 4. Manage Your Team While Commuting

Do you need to figure out what assignments to give to people for the day? Many commuters find that this is the time to make these suggestions and tasks lists. It goes hand in hand with making your list for the day. You can use email, or even use one of the many apps that allows for instant messaging with team members. However, for those who are driving, be sure to use something that allows for speech to text recognition so you can pay attention while driving.

Side note: you may use Knowmail’s skills for Alexa or Cortana for voice interaction with your most urgent and important emails.

  1. 5. Strike up a Conversation on Public Transit

Can you remember the last time that you struck up a conversation with someone? Too many people are interested in their mobile devices and the like rather than face to face interaction. Many of those who are commuting find that one of the best ways to be productive throughout the day is to have some human connection first thing in the morning. Plus, you never know who you may meet…it could be an amazing networking connection!

  1. 6. Take this Time to Learn Something New

Commuting can be a few minutes or even a few hours, so take this time to learn something new. Listen to a podcast by a professional in your field, learn a new language or the like. The more that you learn, the more you will feel that you are using this commuting time for something that is going to pay off later.


Many people feel like the time that they spend commuting is wasted. However, in most cases it cannot be avoided. The key is to use this time in a productive manner that helps you in your career or your life in general. You can easily become that person that arrives at work completely organized ready to tackle the day with these productivity tips to use during your commute.

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