Knowmail’s Copernican Revolution- It’s all about you

Knowmail’s Copernican Revolution- It’s all about you

In the early 1500s, Copernicus made the brave claim that Earth is not the center of the universe and, in fact, revolves around the sun. Copernicus’ theory revolutionized astronomy by changing a single frame of reference. In the same spirit, the term “Copernican Revolution” is often associated with Immanuel Kant.

As Copernicus revolutionized astronomy, Kant revolutionized epistemology (the study of knowledge) by changing a frame of reference. We therefore refer to “Copernican Revolutions” when changes in frames of reference have enormous impacts on larger paradigms.

The current corporate communication paradigm is deeply broken. Communication platforms are the center of the system while we are expected to revolve around them, adjusting our priorities to remain within their reach.

Most solutions are inadequate as they operate within the same broken framework and thus fail to address the overall problem. For example, new email clients are constantly introduced for desktop and mobile use, while we constantly have to deal with new user interfaces. The issue is that these solutions remain concentrated around the platform rather than on the individuals they intend to serve. Without changing the greater broken paradigm, current solutions will continue to remain inadequate.

Knowmail intends to bring about the dawn of a Copernican revolution in our interaction with communication. Knowmail firmly believes that communication should revolve around the individual much like Copernicus rightly claimed that the planets (including Earth) revolve around the sun. Just like the sun’s gravity pulls the planets into orbit, so too should your unique needs and habits be able to change the way you interact with each email. Microsoft has begun embracing this new paradigm as well, bringing machine learning advancements together with massive data sets to personalize the experience to the user across their myriad platforms.

Simple changes in points of reference can have huge impacts on both how we think currently and how others will think in the future. Kant’s own “Copernican Revolution” not only impacted the philosophy of his time, but also affected other fields as far fetched as relativity and gaming. For today’s overloaded enterprises and employees, a communication Copernican revolution is essential to address the communication challenge of our time and the challenges of the future. Together, let’s bring the individual back to the center of the communication universe!

Oded Avital
Oded Avital

Oded Avital is Knowmail's co-founder and COO with over 20 years experience in sales, Biz Dev, product and operation management in corporate and startups.

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