Managing Email Overload

Managing Email Overload

My week-long vacation is almost over and tomorrow, I return to the office. I feel a shiver go down my spine just thinking about the emails waiting in my inbox. Hundreds? Thousands? I start getting anxious, so it’s definitely a good idea to start working through my inbox now. That way, I won’t have to bear the full brunt of the storm tomorrow. Guess it’s time to get back to work…but I am still on vacation!

“To open or not to open the inbox.” Sound familiar? Most of us go through the same thought process when we approach the end of any extended time away from the office and get mentally prepared to return to our professional lives. Even while we are still on vacation, we get more and more stressed as life goes on and work stacks up. That backlog is often best represented by our emails, where the average business user receives and sends over 120 messages daily[1]. Messaging volume seems to grow exponentially the longer we are out of the office! What happened to work/life balance?

Once we finally get around to clearing our inboxes, at least half of our messages are petty, pointless, or simply irrelevant. Internal emails like “Birthday cake in kitchen”, promotional emails from vendors or social media notifications crowd out truly important emails such as communications from clients or supervisors.

The answer is not checking email on vacation (even though 42% feel obligated to). In fact, according to Randstad[2], checking emails when on vacation can cause a significant negative impact on your work as you fail to return to the office fully energized and rejuvenated.

How Can Thousands of Vacation Emails Not Create Email Overload?

What if we could have the option to see only our most important emails? What if we could easily sort and organize our mailbox in a quick and efficient manner? What if we could quickly remember the content in a conversation without having to read every message in the thread in its entirety? What if we could save both time and money while working less and feeling more self-fulfilled? Welcome to Knowmail!

Knowmail is an email application specifically designed to help corporate employees optimize the time they invest in communications. To do this, Knowmail’s artificial intelligence helps filter emails according to priority and the amount of time employees have available for an email session. Whether on the run, sitting down, or leisurely running through your inbox, Knowmail orders your emails by priority, while allowing you to quickly and efficiently organize your messages.

You may be wondering, how does Knowmail filter emails according to your personal goals and priorities? Through its machine learning capabilities, Knowmail extracts relevant data from your inbox in order to learn about your general email habits. After closely analyzing a series of variables, Knowmail carefully filters and organizes your email so that you can open and process important messages quickly. Doesn’t that sound useful?

Prior to using Knowmail, I was often forced to handle between 2100 and 2300 emails after week-long vacations. In fact, my maximum inbox count once reached 2548 emails! Has your inbox ever had more messages than that after a week?

Today, returning from vacation is a breeze as Knowmail identifies my important messages quickly, so I can efficiently address them and transition back to work smoothly. With Knowmail by your side, you too can come back from your vacations relaxed and truly rejuvenated.



Oded Avital
Oded Avital

Oded Avital is Knowmail's co-founder and COO with over 20 years experience in sales, Biz Dev, product and operation management in corporate and startups.