Meet Ilan Shechter: Knowmail’s new product manager!

Meet Ilan Shechter: Knowmail’s new product manager!

Hey Ilan! What made you leave your IT director position in a major enterprise in order to become Knowmail’s product manager?

Email overload was one of the most challenging and detrimental problems I had to deal with as an IT director. As I was searching for solutions to help individuals deal with this issue, I found Knowmail and simply fell in love with both the product and the team. During Knowmail’s early stage, I joined a “Collaborative Development” program that allowed me to give the product direction and have an impact on its initial features. I was absolutely thrilled to see my feedback evolve into concrete features in the application.

I was drawn to taking on the position of product manager because I wanted to be more active in the email application’s development and also incorporate my unique corporate perspective. Here at the office, we have even started to joke that I am a “corporate dinosaur!” I am doing my best to ensure that the company takes into account every sphere of corporate life as it designs a product meant for the professional of today and the professional of the future.

What were your first impressions of using Knowmail?

Before using Knowmail, I was receiving a daily email dose of between 300-400 emails. Between back-to-back meetings and different tasks, I simply did not have the time to read through all of my emails and prioritize my important messages. I was blown away as I watched Knowmail sift through approximately 12,000 unread emails, pulling out and identifying the important messages that really required actions or responses.

Watching the product evolve through its early phases was a pleasure. Eventually, it took me around 10 minutes to run through my daily emails! Talk about about an improvement in both work life balance and productivity!

How do you spend your free time?

I am a proud father of two amazing children. Therefore, whenever I have spare time, I do my best to spend it with them. In addition, I have taken up jogging as a hobby and now jog around three times a week with Knowmail’s jogging group.

What is the working environment like at Knowmail?

The operation is lean, sharp, specialized, and extremely capable of delivering solutions to complex, difficult challenges. While this may sound intimidating, the team is fun and a pleasure to be around. We enjoy working with each other as we build the best product incorporating our client’s feedback every step of the way.

How do you see your role at Knowmail? How would you like Knowmail to evolve as it moves into the future?

I believe that my role here at Knowmail is critical as I bridge the gap between our developers and our clients. I am working hard to guide the product to make sure Knowmail’s vision becomes a reality while taking user feedback into consideration at all times.

Anywhere we look, we are watching a world in transition. Increasingly, advanced machine learning capabilities are being harnessed to make us more efficient and more productive. There is no reason email should not be part of this movement. It’s time for email to join the shift and enter the realm of artificial intelligence. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to play my part in bringing about this extraordinary change.

Haim Senior
Haim Senior

Haim Senior is Knowmail's co-founder and CEO with vast background including sales, marketing, leadership and business development.

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