New Harry Potter Chapter Written by AI

New Harry Potter Chapter Written by AI

Muggles and fans alike would be so excited to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday, July 31st, by reading a new Harry Potter chapter that was written strictly by artificial intelligence; it isn’t per the new book – Harry Potter and the cursed child, nor is it an addition to the seventh in the series.

While the muggle world will go crazy today, and the Internet may likely break due to the new Harry Potter release, we thought it would be a great added birthday gift to have a new chapter that fits after the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

So here is a little info on this new artificial intelligence Harry Potter chapter, which even JK Rowling couldn’t have written:

  • The new chapter is made out of 5 separate parts
  • It was written by AI, a deep learning algorithm
  • The creator, Max Deutsch, explains:

I trained an LSTM Recurrent Neural Network (a deep learning algorithm) on the first four Harry Potter books. I then asked it to produce a chapter based on what it learned. Here’s the chapter. (I added a bit of formatting to aid readability)

Don’t expect this new machine created Harry Potter text to reveal untold secrets, a vision into the future, or what is planned for the wizarding world. And as mentioned, some formatting was needed; it wasn’t ready out of the over, as was the case with Sunspring, the AI scripted short film.

Still, die-hard fans will appreciate this new found content, which was created by real data of the previous books.


New Harry Potter chapter: the beginning from each part

Part 1:

“The Malfoys!” said Hermione.

Part 2:

Ron didn’t even upset her little ingredients on the toilet, and a group of third-year girls last year. Highly bushy and then burst away from them quickly.

Part 3:

Voldemort smiled, his throat loudly. “What did it work? . . . not to give them a perfect old a lot of magical eye.” He didn’t show any dementors for this class, Harry Potter’s injured eye would tell anyone … he was starting to handle Percy’s up of Transfiguration.

Part 4:

Crabbe blundered from his long seat — and let go too than he — the end of the grounds on hair — took caught their ears.

Part 5:

Harry saw Harry’s glasses. He took handfuls at the foot of the tree, and then walked forward, underneath its glass and beckoned to do something before he changed his wand. Harry had started face-to-face with her late, and then a sudden Death Eaters fed and Madame Maxime, but was left, not sporting red, white.

Read the entire chapter as provided by Max Deutsch.

Besides Harry Potter, Artificial Intelligence is taking part in many creative directions and doesn’t always look into taking over the world. For example, AI may help you find Love, it was also used to automatically color Lukas Graham 7 Years music video (and previously a scene from Charlie Chaplin’s the Great Dictator), and it will also help us personalize and improve communication.

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