How Should Organizations and Employees Embrace AI in the Workplace?

How Should Organizations and Employees Embrace AI in the Workplace?

The workplace is constantly changing with new rules, regulations, and innovations making their way down, which end up requiring plenty of adjustments on behalf of the organization and the employees.

For those who like to be prepared, they should realize that artificial intelligence is going to become a much more common part in the future workplace, whether they like it or not.

So how can they embrace the growth of artificial intelligence?

The key to adapting is to know what AI can offer employers and employees, so the benefits are utilized. When you see the benefits this can bring to any business work environment, it is much easier to embrace this technology.

How AI Will Help Employers

Artificial intelligence in the workplace can help employers tremendously. Employers, consider this question: what takes up most of your time while working? The answers are often numerous but some of the most common include:

  • Identifying new talent for the job
  • Making important decisions
  • Looking at data to see any trends in job performance or why a business may be losing workers

These three issues can be dealt with easily by using artificial intelligence. For example:

Employers will find that AI is meant to aid their job, not take away their position, which is often the fear that many employers have!

How AI Helps Employees

Employees are often harder to convince about Artificial Intelligence, as they have always thought that this technology is something that will replace them. While AI may replace some tasks that a person may do, this technology is not meant to take over all human positions in a company.

Here are some benefits for employees:

  • Helps with sorting emails! Instead of taking hours to go through your email every day, you can use AI to help organize them into ones that need to be answered now and those that can wait. For example, Knowmail automatically prioritizes emails per user’s behavior, providing personalization and focus in the inbox.
  • It can make keeping track of your time even easier.
  • You will become more organized and more efficient, which is what all employers want to see.

How to Embrace AI

The first part of embracing AI is to agree that this could help your workplace. When you realize the potential benefits this could carry, it is much easier to embrace this new technology. Everyone needs to stop pretending that Artificial Intelligence is not going to affect them. While AI may not happen for another 10 years in some industries, it is making headway everywhere. Being prepared is going to help you to adapt to this new direction.

Remember that even with AI in the workforce, human workers will still be needed! This is probably the biggest worry that people have when they hear about “Artificial Intelligence” mentioned. While AI may automate some processes, it still requires a human to ensure that the actual job gets done as planned. It may require some “reskilling”, but this is a growing pain that will happen in order to make this technology more mainstream in the workplace.

Artificial intelligence does not necessarily mean that we are all going to start working alongside a robotic arm that is doing the work for us. In many cases, it simply means automating and speeding up some processes in the workplace. Everyone should embrace this technology as it is going to make your job faster and easier!

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