7 Productivity Applications to Get More Done in 2019

7 Productivity Applications to Get More Done in 2019

We all want more hours in a day; the problem is that there is no magic wand to wave, and even Harry Potter is unable to achieve this seemingly insurmountable task. What you can do however, is make yourself more productive, which some can say equates to the virtual effect of more hours.

So how exactly can you become more productive? Much of it is down to time management, but there are many tools you can utilize, to help you achieve total and utter productivity in 2019.

Let’s check out some of the best applications to make 2019 a truly productive year.


Knowmail’s personalized Artificial Intelligence platform is about to change the way you communicate forever! With a streamlined, synced approach to all methods of communication, you won’t miss an urgent or important email, helping you focus on the right items at the right time, along with predictive next-best-actions to help get things done.

They’re currently available as an AI platform for developers for device, product, or software to integrate and thus enhance value for users.


Do.com is a free app which is ideal for businesses holding many meetings across a working week. It mirrors and targets the way a human behaves and therefore streamlines working practices towards productivity overall. This app will allow you to streamline the processes involved with organizing a meeting, e.g. agenda collaboration, minutes, distribution, organization, and also helps meetings stay on track and not to run over. We all know how often that happens and how much precious time it takes up!


Knowledge workers will find great benefit from trying RescueTime, which is a tool for tracking time and behavior patterns, and then recommending methods to increase productivity. It will block sites that you are regularly distracted by and keep you on track. As a result, your overall daily productivity levels will be on the rise, and you can look at reports which are created by the app, to see where you might be losing time. Knowledge is power!


Asana is a popular choice for companies who regularly collaborate with other organizations on projects. Having said that, it can also be used for teams within the same business, to ensure that projects run smoothly, productively, and also to create better communication methods as a whole. The other plus point is that this project management app is a free choice, but you can purchase the premium version if you find great use from it.

Microsoft Teams

Another project management tool, Microsoft Teams allows projects to be carried out smoothly and productively, and other plus point is that you can integrate it with Office 365. There are communication options within the platform, such as voice and video calls, which cuts down on the need for unnecessary meetings in the boardroom. This in itself saves a huge amount of time.

By the way, Knowmail listed above has released a valuable Email Productivity Bot which integrates with Teams, allowing you to see and attend your most urgent/important emails right within Teams…to avoid context switching and distractions.


Have you ever tried to organise a meeting with several people over different organisations and working times? It can be a nightmare. Doodle helps make the whole process far easier, by tracking email replaces about the meeting’s proposed date and coming up with a solution on when to hold the meeting. This is another free option, and it saves a huge amount of time on collating responses to meeting arrangement emails and plotting your own route through the chaos that is undoubtedly going to ensue. You can also make use of extras such as reminders which can be sent to meeting delegates, making sure everyone attends the meetings they need to.


Evernote is another productivity type of app which is quite famous, and is ideal for collating together notes and memos. No more sticky notes stuck to your monitor, as everything is streamlined and synced for total productivity! You can use voice notes, written notes, photos, and screenshots, whatever you need to store ideas and refer to them at a later date. You also be able to search quickly through your notes to find what you’re looking for within seconds.


These easy to use apps are perfect for going 2019 a productive feel. By utilizing the ones which make sense to you, you can personalize your experience and avoid unnecessary time wasted.

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