8 Productivity Chatbots to boost your workday

8 Productivity Chatbots to boost your workday

Email productivity bots can help assist you in day-to-day life and can be used, particularly for businesses and employees to improve productivity. They tend to “learn” and recognize your working processes to become more effective and efficient over time. With continued use, they will allow you to stream processes and save you time (and money).

These AI platforms can assist you with simple elements of your schedule by sending reminders, helping perform tasks and gather data. With this, here are 8 chatbots that you should check out to help boost productivity.

  1. 1. Me

    This chatbot can be connected via SMS, telegram, email or Facebook messenger. It can be used across a variety of platforms and acts like your very own personal assistant. Its specialty is reminders and organizing your tasks but you can also set alarms, get weather updates and even get jokes if you need something to fight the Monday blues. You can also connect Me with Alexa which works well for those with the Amazon Echo or other smart speakers.

  2. 2. JobBot

    Are you tired of your old job and in need of a new one, or have you recently been made unemployed? JobBot can streamline the job hunting process so you can save time prepping for interviews, conducting research and getting things done. It allows you to search for new jobs worldwide with filtered criteria as well as create a job profile and apply via messenger. The platforms available are; telegram and Facebook messenger where you can have hourly, daily or weekly job alerts sent to you.

  3. 3. Brandgrow

    Improve your business marketing and save yourself time using Brandgrow which allows to search for useful social media hashtags according to your niche and requirements. This allows you to enhance your marketing reach and can be done via Facebook Messenger.

  4. 4. GrowthBot

    This bright AI interface can connect to a variety of sources including your own Google Analytics and databases, as well as clever searches to find leads and prospective clients. Growthbot allows you to search everything in one place and use the Facebook messenger platform. They are currently beta testing Twitter too if that is your preference.

  5. 5. SendGoal

    Unlike other productivity bots, this one focuses on motivating you which is one of the main aspects of productivity. Goal setting has been linked to boosted productivity as it keeps you focused and motivated which is what SendGoal aims to do. You can use the Facebook messenger platform to fill out your top 3 goals of the day and then it will motivate you throughout the day to retain focus and complete them.

  6. 6. Hello Jarvis

    The main purpose of this bot is to be a reminder which can help you keep on top of your to-do list and calendar. All you do is message HelloJarvis with a reminder request and it will send you a message when that activity or task needs to be done! It’s that simple.

  7. 7. Blogsay

    If your job role involves research and keeping up to date on current trends and news, Blogsay is the chatbot for you. By connecting it with your Facebook messenger app, you can follow relevant news sites and blogs in one place so you only use this to stay up to date and avoid internet surfing (which will probably end up in you procrastinating anyway!)

  8. 8. Kukie

    If you’re a start-up or industry professional then Kukie is a chatbot that helps to provide you with the resources you need to succeed. By asking via messenger, Kukie can recommend articles or tools that will help build a business, all in a handy place to save you time and boost your productivity.


We have only just scratched the surface with the chatbots available out there and these are just a handful that can improve productivity. Chatbots are the future in helping us to succeed and by using these resources you are bound to be more successful and save time finding what you need!