The Pros and Cons of Productivity

The Pros and Cons of Productivity

These days, it’s easy for individuals and organizations to become obsessed with the idea of productivity.

But what truly defines productivity? Generally speaking, productivity refers to the act of increasing production. This can be achieved either through increasing output relative to input, or decreasing input relative to output. Examples of the latter can include situations wherein there is a need to reduce overhead costs, cut down expenses, being more efficient, improving the bottom line, and so on.

But productivity can be a double-edged sword, although not everyone sees this.

That’s not to say that the benefits of productivity should be taken for granted. After all, without a quest for productivity, people won’t be driven to make positive changes and improve oneself. Making yourself aware of the pros and cons of productivity will help you understand who the enemy is and use it to your advantage through knowledge.

Pros of Productivity:

  • More income/revenue

    Productivity translates to more income or revenue because of added output. In other words, productivity translates to profit. The financial benefits can be used as an investment, which can go into expansion of a business, purchase of more resources, and other activities.

  • Clarity 

    When you’re productive, you’re working towards a clear goal. It gives you purpose and contributes to a clear idea of what you need to get done, why it’s important, and how it needs to be accomplished.

  • Quality work

    When there is clarity and direction in your work, it helps you produce quality output. You can work better because efforts and attention are centralized.

  • Productivity provides

    No matter what area of work you’re in, productivity provides all the time. When you work, you provide food and shelter for yourself as well as your family. If you employ others and are productive, it provides resources for your employees. In other words, productivity results in provision.



Cons of Productivity:

  • Strong self-discipline

  • Unfortunately, productivity doesn’t come naturally to some people because others are innately lacking in self-discipline. Without this trait, it will be challenging to create quality output in the space of time that makes it desirable. For example, a procrastinator may produce good results, but if the output can’t be produced within the required timeframe, it can seriously hamper productivity.

  • Distractions

    Being in a productive environment comes with its own challenges, such as the exposure to numerous distractions. Some of these include the constant influx of messages and emails, which will then tempt you to answer them even if it isn’t necessary. Doing so can inhibit your productivity. In these cases, it’s necessary to make your environment conducive to productivity but this can’t always be the solution if your working environment is not in your own control.

  • Resisting the fear of missing out (FOMO)

    As mentioned earlier, a productive person is one who is clear and focused. These characteristics make a person productive because they are able to resist temptations and distractions that will derail them from achieving their objectives. On the other hand, falling prey to FOMO signifies the lack of clarity and focus, which then leads to an absence in productivity.


A good work-life balance is always important, and it’s what we should strive for no matter what. These things are important to remember for managers as well as employees, so that people can stop pushing for extreme productivity when it’s no longer realistic.


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