6 Task & Note Taking Tips to Keep You on Top of Your Game

6 Task & Note Taking Tips to Keep You on Top of Your Game

It’s often the case that we have a million and one ideas or jobs we need to do in our minds, and that in itself is a real productivity killer. By being organized, keeping notes, and creating realistic to do lists, we can actually stay ahead of the game, not only on top of it!

Utilizing apps and programs for note taking and organizing tasks is something which we should be grateful for. Prior to the days of advanced technology, we didn’t have the know-how or the equipment to be able to organize ourselves quite as well as we do today. Despite that, how many of you actually make use of these tools effectively?

It’s time to make a change!

Let’s look at 6 task and note taking tips you can use right now, which will organize your life, keep you super-productive, and as a result, keep you on top of your game.

1. Make use of a quality to-do list app

To do lists have been around for years, and they are one of the most effective ways to organize tasks, prioritize, and tick off items which are completed. There is a real sense of achievement in ticking off just one task, but when you manage to complete your day’s scheduled jobs? It’s a great feeling!

Whether you are using a laptop, tablet, or a phone, there are many apps you can download, either for free or paid for, which will help organize your tasks, allow you to prioritize effectively, and therefore complete everything on time, without missing important deadlines.

Simply browse what is available and find the right fit for you. We all prefer different features, but if you opt for a free version, you can do all of this without incurring a cost, and then upgrade to a premium version if need be.

2. Be realistic when creating to-do lists

When you find the right to do list app for your needs, make sure you are realistic with what you schedule in for that day. Overloading yourself with tasks which you realistically can’t complete puts you on the road to failure from the start.

Organize your time and organize your tasks, enter them into your app of choice and tick off the tasks as you complete them. The motivation to continue will be strong, but if you overstretch yourself, you will simply rebel against it and not complete anything from that point onwards!

3. Make use of reminders

Most apps will have reminders as a feature, and these are a great way to stay on schedule and complete more in the time you have. Productivity is key in any role, whether you’re management or not, and reminders stop you from procrastinating and not moving onto the next task when you are supposed to.

There is a fine line between effective scheduling and organizing your tasks effectively. Utilize both sides of the coin by using these added extras, such as reminders, to keep you on top of your game.

4. Have a personal strategy for taking notes

Everyone takes notes in a different way. Shortly we’re going to take about ways to do it, e.g. audio or app-based, but for now you need to have a personalized strategy on what to actually record. You do not need to write down everything; organizing tasks is not about verbatim conversations!

This will become easier with practice, as you become more used to sifting out the necessary from the unnecessary, but on the whole, you simply need the basic details of what you need to do, when you need to do it, and any guidelines which are pertinent. The rest is white noise.

5. Use online mind mapping tools for brainstorming

Brainstorming is a fantastic way to come up with creative ideas and problem solving endeavors, but online mind mapping tools are a great way to record the notes you come up with. There are many of these you can look into, and again it is about shopping around and finding the best option for you.

Mind mapping basically means coming up with one word or phrase and then recording the random words or ideas which come into your mind, associated with that original phrase.

6. Use verbal note taking

Verbal note taking is a great way to save time but get the details recorded that you need. Simply speak into the app or program and it will record what you want. You then go back and listen to it later, and extract the necessary information you need. This can be done anywhere, provided the information you’re recording isn’t confidential!

Effective note taking really overlaps with so many other productivity subjects, but in terms of organizing your time and your mind, to do lists and note taking ideas will certainly keep you more than ahead of the game.

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