5 Technologies Helping Set Up Companies and Individuals for Success

5 Technologies Helping Set Up Companies and Individuals for Success

Businesses and entrepreneurs, regardless of industry today, can take success to the next level by making use of technology.

Using the right tech tools wisely can make a huge difference in ensuring your business continues to grow. Although repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals will always help, nothing can compare to the benefits of the technologies that are rapidly growing around us today. The way marketing and businesses are run are still the same at their very core, but the way people in businesses do things can be adapted by integrating technology into the big picture. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to stay up to date with new technologies and prepare for your future.

Here are 5 technologies that help prime you for success:

  1. 1. Content marketing

E-commerce that is centered on content is quickly growing. In fact, it came alongside the growth of social media, because as consumers it fed our hunger for more information. But not just any kind of information: reliable, well-written, relevant content. This is why social media posts, blogs, and sponsored articles are becoming more popular. There are many ways to utilize content marketing as a technology, and one of its most widespread uses is to earn through affiliate links that are published within the content itself. It’s extremely effective in creating revenue without the costs associated with traditional marketing campaigns.

  1. 2. Artificial intelligence (AI)

All companies have data at their core. But what exactly you do with that data is what sets the winners apart. This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning come in, helping businesses gain a competitive advantage. The uses of AI are boundless, and we’re only getting started. AI can be used to learn how customers prefer to interact with your brand; and the data that you have can determine if mobile, in person, email, or personalized messages work best – saving you thousands of dollars and hours in marketing research.

But the most remarkable aspect of AI is its incredible time-saving capabilities. It enables businesses to do things in an instant which years ago, would take days, weeks, or even months. Just the mere task of sorting through your email, which is perhaps one of the most necessary but time-consuming tasks involved with any business, can be efficiently done within minutes through the help of AI-based email apps such as Knowmail. Additionally, AI can also help sales as well as interrupt your regular marketing campaigns or messages to introduce new information acquired real-time, allowing you to deliver more timely and relevant offers or messages.

  1. 3. Data analytics

In today’s digital age, successful companies are those that know how to use customer data to make more informed business decisions. This is why data analytics should be a priority. This can be done by accessing online and offline preferences, media behaviors, location, purchase history, sensitivity to promotions, and other data that helps to customize messages across various channels. By learning how to make better use of data that you have at your finger tips, you can feed customers with personalized information resulting in more conversions.

  1. 4. Mobile development

Back in the day, everyone seemed impressed with the fact that there was an app for virtually everything. But the case is different today: businesses should no longer invest time and money in developing apps for everything, but instead focus your resources on ensuring that the customer has a terrific mobile web experience. Asking people to download more than one app, when that information should already be available on the web, is asking for a lot; and it also takes thousands of dollars to develop. While customers are increasingly more comfortable with purchasing through their mobile phones, a significant number of them still do their research on mobile phones then switch to desktops to complete the check out process. Optimizing the mobile experience is already sufficient in encouraging customers to finalize the payment while holding their mobile phones in one hand.

  1. 5. Programmatic advertising

Automating processes through automated solutions are becoming more popular because they help businesses make many various types of operations much more efficient.

Programmatic advertising takes care of doing all the hard work about advertising online, and all you need to do is feed the system with information about the audience you are interested in targeting.

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