How to Tidy Up your Desk Space and Keep It Clutter-free

How to Tidy Up your Desk Space and Keep It Clutter-free

A tidy desk equals a tidy mind.

While some people find clutter creative and inspiring, most prefer to have a tidy desk space. The reason is down to motivation and productivity, but it’s actually quite a psychological thing too and can be adapted to the home setting just as easily as the workplace.

If a room is messy, with things you don’t need everywhere, it makes it harder to concentrate and focus. This decreases productivity and means you’re far more likely to make mistakes. Low productivity and mistakes cost a business a lot of profits over the long-term!

It’s far easier to be focused, motivated, and eager to actually finish tasks if you can find the things you’re looking for, you’re not swamped in excess paperwork, and if you can actually see your computer screen, without extra sticky notes everywhere.

So, now you know why a decluttered desk is important, how do you actually do it? It’s impossible to have nothing on your desk, because you’re always going to need certain documents, brochures, files, etc. Let’s check out a few tips on how you to create the perfect decluttered desk space, and lead you towards a more productive working area.

Think About What You Need Versus What You Don’t

Everyone who has a desk, has things on it they don’t need. It’s important to really think carefully about what you do need versus what you don’t, and get rid of the things you don’t need! You’ll find this will clear space straightaway, and you’ll be left with far more room and neatness as a result.

Do you need box files on projects that have been completed? Can they be archived? Do you need three pen pots, when one single pen would do the job? Do you need two trays, when you could streamline to one and become more focused as a result?

Streamline your working practices by sticking with the things you need only, and avoid adding unnecessary clutter. When one project is finished, or one task is done, move the paperwork or items associated with it to another place, e.g. a box file to be placed in an archive, or papers to be shredded if they’re no longer needed.

Keep Decorative Items to a Minimum

Everyone needs a little personalization to their workspace; it makes our working hours much more bearable. But, do you really need all those items you currently have on your desk and attached to your screen? Streamline once more and keep the things you really want only – it will free up plenty of space!

Try Electronic Storage Instead of Paper-Based Storage

We often store a lot of paper box files and other paperwork on our desks and in our trays because we simply don’t know what else to do with it. We know we can’t dispose of it, but where else is it supposed to go? This is where electronic storage is a great idea. Scan items into your computer and store them on your hard drive, or even better, in Cloud storage. Make sure everything is backed up and secure, with password protection, and you’re clearing a huge amount of space very quickly. Electronic storage is also very secure and far more organized than paper-based options.

Avoid Sticky Note Overload, Use Alerts Instead

If you’re guilty of writing a million sticky notes and attaching them to your monitor, just in case you forget something important, then why not make use of the alerts function on your computer calendar instead? If this isn’t suitable, you can download a to-do app, or a productivity app. These will allow you to keep track of information you don’t want to forget, and have alerts or notifications sent to you when they become ultra-important. Not a sticky note in sight!

Make Use of Wall Space

While many offices don’t encourage the use of pin-boards or overload of notice boards, it’s usually fine to have a small noticeboard with small important information pinned to it, next to your desk. Making use of the walls takes the problem away from your desk, however be sure to keep your noticeboards organized, otherwise you’ll have the same clutter problem!

These are all ways you can keep your desk decluttered, ensuring a focused and productive working space for you to enjoy.

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