Weekly snapshot from Knowmail August 15-22, 2016

Weekly snapshot from Knowmail August 15-22, 2016

Been waiting or your Knowmail AI and productivity fix haven’t you? As always, we’re very happy to provide a spot to give a summary of great content shared throughout the week, and this week is no different with really cool stuff, including the AI revolution, work emails and productivity, fun machine learning, reddit and the Google brain team and much much more.

Dig in:

  1. Twitter spam generated by AI

It is an unfortunate development but doesn’t come as a surprise.

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  1. The great productivity puzzle!

No one expected productivity to be easy and simple, did you?

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  1. The AI revolution

Catching up on AI, in a quick (sort of) read

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  1. Work emails ruin lives?

Sad but true!

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  1. Google brain team on Reddit!

A whole lot of info in a great AMA session.

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  1. Data science intro video #2

Is your data ready for data science?

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  1. Information Overload and Neuroscience

Your brain on information overload!

  1. AI for the perfect horror script

A script written by AI is being funded…AI has never been so scary!

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  1. AI and CMOs!

Why CMOs and marketing execs fear AI

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  1. 5 Email helpers you must install right now!

Yes, Knowmail made the list J

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  1. Don’t replace people, augment them

The future of work?

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  1. Machine learning for fun

Generate Super Mario Maker levels…that is definitely fun.

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