Weekly snapshot from Knowmail August 22-28, 2016

Weekly snapshot from Knowmail August 22-28, 2016

It’s hot out there, and it’s hot in here…with the great AI and productivity related content Knowmail has come across. Such good stuff, we’re continually sharing it with the community on Twiter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow us in your favorite platform (or all), and keep checking the weekly mashups for the weekly summary.

Read on:

  1. Predicting crime in Rio with Machine Learning

It isn’t minority report type of stuff, but will this be the future of crime prevention?

Full article

  1. Blade Runner + Van Gogh style = Beautiful!

A great combination of two masterpieces created by @bhautikj using deep learning neural networks…just click play!

  1. 26 Time Management tricks

Just like the original title, you wish you’d known these at an earlier stage…better late than never

Full article

  1. Data science intro vid #3

Ask a question that can be answered with data.

Full article

  1. Are chatbots stupid?

With tougher Turing tests this seems to be the case.

Full article

  1. Creatives shouldn’t fear their job due to AI

AI will take our jobs, our livelihood, the end is nigh…but creatives shouldn’t fear.

Full article

  1. AI powered Democracy

Can AI predict the outcome of elections?

  1. Machine learning is fun…part 3

Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks

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