Weekly snapshot from Knowmail July 11-17, 2016

Weekly snapshot from Knowmail July 11-17, 2016

Another wonderful week passed, and we’ve got some interesting items recommended for you to check out. As to make it easy for you to catch up, you will find them all listed below for easy picking…choose your interest: artificial intelligence, productivity or both.

So here is this week’s snapshot:

  1. Artificial intelligence vs. expert pilot

Is this a future we should fear?

Full article via University of Cincinnati

  1. Intro (and more) to AI

An amazing audio presentation with accompanied slides on the progress of artificial intelligence…amazing stuff

Full article

  1. Your mind’s breakfast!

Your mind requires a good breakfast just like your body…how are your first 10 minutes spent?

Full article

  1. View email threads as complete conversations

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to view our emails like we do conversations on our messaging apps? We can gain the big picture much faster and become much more productive.

  1. Email rudeness

Find out if you are rude emailer, sending these types of emails to your colleagues and contacts.

Full article

  1. Key trends of AI and ML

Simply said…check out what are the key trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Full article

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