Weekly snapshot from Knowmail July 18-24, 2016

Weekly snapshot from Knowmail July 18-24, 2016

Happy Sunday everyone…and welcome to another weekly snapshot from Knowmail, where you can rest assured you’d receive a dose for your AI and productivity fix.

So let’s see what goodies we’ve got for you this time around:

  1. The AI fund investors are afraid of!

Is AIVC an artificial intelligence fund that does the job of investors?

Full article or directly to AIVC

  1. Are chatbots be a passing trend?

The great hype on chatbots seems justified, yet is this tech here to stay or will be gone before we know it?

Full article

  1. Motivation may not be the factor of success!

Motivation has always been mentioned as a source for success, yet this isn’t necessarily the case.

Full article

  1. Knowmail introduces Artificial Intelligence in our blog

Per requests of readers, community and users, we’ve been asked to replicate the “productivity” direction of our blog to AI…and we’re so happy to already have the first post published. Make sure to check out Oliver Christie’s take on Why artificial intelligence is the future of communication.

  1. Multitasking as a nightmare!

A photo series by Pierre Buttin presenting a mashup of technology elements, created by the technology we use to remain productive.

Full article

  1. The AI revolution

A thorough, entertaining and interesting post brought to you by Tim Urban (Wait but why) on why AI is one of the most important topics of our future. This is part I.

Full article

Image credit: by UpperCut Images/Getty Images

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