Weekly snapshot from Knowmail July 25-31, 2016

Weekly snapshot from Knowmail July 25-31, 2016

Another interesting week has passed us, and as always, we have great items to share with you which could save you the search…especially if it is about Artificial Intelligence or productivity…or the sort.

So what beautiful things have passed our doorsteps this time around? (rubbing hands together in excitement not sorcery)

  • Will DARPA hacking challenge create a Skynet?

Elon Musk spoke about the possibility that AI hackathons as DARPA suggested may potentially create a Skynet/Terminator future.

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  • 10 habits to improve productivity

You owe it to yourself to check which habits are changeable…the result of improved productivity is worth it.

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  • Computers smarter than us?

Do you fear such a possible outcome as our own computers becoming smarter than ourselves? Watch this great TED talk by Nick Bostrom

[Unfortunately the video for this has been removed]

A Charlie Chaplin scene from The Great Dictator was colorized using a deep learning algorithm.

Thanks to a deep learning AI algorithm, the black and white 7 Years from Lukas Graham was colorized, and it looks great.

Will AI help us find true love?

  • Using Minecraft for AI research!

Project Malmo from Microsoft uses Minecraft for Artificial Intelligence and has just gone open source.

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  • AI chatbot vs AI chatbot

What happens when two artificial bots have a conversation with each other? Watch below!

Skynet image credit

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