Weekly snapshot from Knowmail June 27-July 3, 2016

Weekly snapshot from Knowmail June 27-July 3, 2016

As always, great items covering productivity, artificial intelligence and email were socially shared by Knowmail.

If they weren’t interesting, we wouldn’t share, so here you have the main ones in one spot to use and get a good update.

  1. Twitter buys Magic Pony Technology

Twitter has upped its machine learning muscle with its recent buy, as to improve imaging thanks to neural networks.

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  1. From Pong to Pixels – reinforcement learning

Find out why Reinforcement Learning is such a big deal…from Andrej Karpathy

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  1. Email overload on vacation

Yes, it is an issue that leaves the office and follows you to your next vacation…and it must stop!

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  1. Trust in distributed teams

With the world being flat, we can collaborate with anyone, anywhere. But for growth and productivity, we must learn how to create trust in distributed teams.

  1. Email is here to stay

We’ve said it before, and while ideas are coming up left and right, Email is far from dead. Yes, that is also why Slack is NOT killing email.

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  1. Rules and productivity

Are rules actually keeping you from being productive? A great TED talk by Yves Morieux.



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