Weekly snapshot from Knowmail September 19-25, 2016

Weekly snapshot from Knowmail September 19-25, 2016

Another week passed and another Knowmail mashup is available. As always, great things are shared and this time around it is strictly AI related, including deep learning for Basketball trajectories, the US military and AI, data science quickie, the color of artificial intelligence and more.

  1. Applying Deep Learning to Basketball Trajectories

Can it predict Lebron’s results?

Full article

  1. Speech Recognition’s new leader

Microsoft has the lowest speech recognition error rate, passing IBM.

Full article

  1. AI and ethics

How are the giants dealing with this need?

Full article

  1. AI and war

The US military worries it will lose the AI war

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  1. 11 Ways Artificial Intelligence Adds Color to Our Lives…Literally?

Black and white transformed thanks to AI.

  1. Copying other’s work to do data science

Video #5 in the data science series.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence is hard to see

The need to measure AI’s societal impact

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  1. Asteroids

A.I is defending the earth from asteroids

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