Weekly snapshot from Knowmail September 5-12, 2016

Weekly snapshot from Knowmail September 5-12, 2016

After the weekend passed, now is a chance to get a little snapshot of great content to help you improve productivity, as well as give you a little look into the world of Artificial Intelligence.

So let’s see what’s in store this time around:

  1. An AI created trailer for the movie Morgan

IBM Watson answered the call to create a movie trailer from AI alone.

Full article

  1. Baidu open sources its deep learning software

Some big news and opportunity for growth in the AI community.

Full article

  1. Darpa wants to fund a type of AI

Explainable Artificial Intelligence…are you for it?

Full article

  1. The need for a trust revolution

For the success of the AI revolution, we need such a change in trust…by Marc Benioff

Full article

  1. The Importance of Being Productive; It’s Your Choice

A great walkthrough to improve your productivity.

  1. Write an email to be read

Will AI help you write better emails? Meaning, ones that people will actually read.

Full article

  1. 6 amazing AI charts

The rise of artificial intelligence…visualized

Full article

  1. Hal and Samantha talk

Two famous AIs have a conversation…watch the video below

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