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Some of our most frequently asked questions are listed below. If you have a question that isn’t answered, please contact us, and we will be happy to answer.

0. Most FAQ

Knowmail’s unique architecture is built to ensure that private data will never leave your device. Only behavioral statistics related to the email will be transmitted to the cloud in a secured manner to ensure that privacy is not compromised.

1. General

Knowmail does not move, copy or duplicate emails. All views are built out of pointers that maintain the original emails without any change to categories, flags, folder locations etc.

In order to add folders, other than your inbox, navigate to Knowmail’s setting menu where individual folders may be added manually.

This may be due to either your Knowmail inbox is filtered to show only “urgent” or “important” (and this message doesn’t fall for either) or message is completed and older than 1 month.

For the first case, you can simply click ON (highlighted when selected) the various message filters which will populate to show entire inbox.

If it is an older message, you may navigate to the “Done” folder where completed message up to a month are displayed, and if it is older, then simply use the search bar and start entering various keywords to find it on-the-fly.

Yes you can! Just press the “Inbox” folder in the Microsoft Outlook navigation tree. Don’t forget, when you are done…click the Knowmail folder or the Knowmail icon in the upper Outlook ribbon to come back to Knowmail’s smart views.

No. Since Knowmail for Outlook does not change the location of your emails, you can continue to use Outlook as usual.

You may filter your emails between “Urgent”, “Important” and the rest by simply clicking on (or off) the type of inbox you wish to view respectively.

[Previous version] Your most important emails are located in the on-the-run view which can be accessed by choosing it from the ‘filter drop-down menu’. Alternatively, you may filter your e-mail list by priority.

In order to see only unread e-mails you can use the top filter and choose the view to show only unread e-mails.

All the messages that were marked as Done/Later/Mute can be found within each respective menu location in the main menu view section.

You may easily reply to an e-mail directly form the e-mail view using our inline reply feature, allowing you to reply to sender, reply to all or forward, including the ability to add emojis and simply press send.

No. Knowmail doesn’t currently support multiple accounts.

Currently Knowmail supports only Microsoft exchange accounts from 2003 and up including office 365 – for Windows.

Knowmail doesn’t change any of the Outlook rules however Knowmail doesn’t support Outlook categories.

Yes you can! Any action done in Knowmail can be undone using the undo link in the notification area.

This option is available as long as the notification is displayed on the screen.

Once you’ve authorized Knowmail, it scan your mailbox and your email habits. All such data is analyzed by Knowmail’s machine learning algorithm to provide an individual prediction model for each user and is processed daily o maintain ongoing learning and personalization.

The process takes about 10-15 minutes once authorized for the preliminary scan and unnoticeable for the daily processing.

In order to add the Knowmail bot to supported platforms (Skype, Facebook, Telegarm, Kik, Slack and more), navigate to and follow directions to install.

The Knowmail bot will display your most urgent/important emails and estimated time to completion.

The Knowmail bot allows you to handle emails on the go by replying, moving to the next message, filing the message in the most suitable folder and more.

Knowmail doesn’t store any e-mail, personal data or passwords. All data is analyzed on the client side, with statistical and anonymized data moved to Knowmail cloud for processing towards Knowmail’s features and predictions.

No one can see your data as all user’s info is encrypted with only the user able to view it.

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