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Smart Email on-the-go powered by A.I. for mobile and digital assistants

  • For iOS, Android, or Cortana Digital Assistant
  • App and Voice Experience
  • Focus on Urgent emails only
  • Basic predicted Next-Best-Actions
  • Basic self-service support



Full Office productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook on Windows

Billed yearly Billed monthly
  • Everything in On-The-Go plan and…
  • Continuance experience with Desktop
  • Exchange and Office 365 Accounts
  • State-of-mind views with predicted time to complete work
  • Contextual conversation view
  • Advance Next-best-action prediction
  • Personalized search
  • Advance security and privacy
  • Self-service and Premium support


Full-tenancy and advanced security control for large deployments

Contact us
Contact us
  • Everything in Office plan and…
  • A.I. over-the-top services
  • Public/Private tenant
  • Users management & advanced security control
  • Premium & on-site support
Rick Dorris
Rick Dorris
“Knowmail does a great job of keeping me on task. I can simply mark lower priority emails to return later, keeping my inbox clean and efficient!”
Bryan Thompson
Bryan Thompson
The AMES Companies
“Using the priority feature of Knowmail, I can filter to see what I really need to deal with. Before Knowmail I would miss e-mails often, there are days where I just can’t get through 80 to 100 e-mails, and I would begin to ignore e-mail if I was busy. Knowmail stops this problem.”
Natraj Subramaniam
Natraj Subramaniam
“It’s easy to spot junk mail, but across all of my projects and vendor relationships, I needed a better way to identify the important from the non-important. Since I started using Knowmail, I no longer need to spend endless hours sifting through my inbox. It keeps my focus on the most critical emails so I have more time to get things done.”
Eric Shapiro
Eric Shapiro
“Knowmail has changed my email life. I am no longer stuck in my mail inbox. I can quickly review the critical messages and get on with more value added activities. The product is fantastic. Great user interface and the best email search capability I have ever experience. I highly recommend it for any company; small or large.”
Ben Eldar
Ben Eldar
“I work with a lot of diverse teams and between the constant meetings and numerous email conversations, there’s not enough time in the day. Knowmail enables me to quickly process my most important emails whether I have five minutes or fifty. It’s like my own virtual assistant that keeps my attention on our operations, instead of on my inbox.”
Gil Don
Gil Don
“In my job, I manage lead generation, sales teams and even work with customers. I get hundreds of emails a day and am constantly conflicted about whether to answer email or do the things that really matter to my business. With Knowmail, I no longer have to make the decision… I can do both!”
Yossi Binyamin
Yossi Binyamin
NESS Technologies
“With many daily interactions with customers, partners and vendors, my inbox overflows with emails. As I make sure to view all emails and finish with inbox zero, it takes me unreasonable amount of time. Knowmail’s conversation view and predicted next-best-action efficiently maintain my inbox zero and current tasks, and do so at a fraction of the time."
Ran Erman
Ran Erman
"It’s critical to quickly address the right problems, at the right time. However, working with large teams means a constant email flow and a danger of missing important emails. Knowmail helps with aligning my team around corporate objectives and provides the control I need on multiple platforms, to keep me connected and in command."

Frequently Asked Questions

Early Bird's FAQ
What is this Early Bird Program all about? +

With this program, you enjoy Knowmail and influence the product development with your ideas, feedback, and support. Best of all, you close down the early bird price forever, no matter the price increase

What about privacy and security? +

Short answer is…we’re very private and secured, it’s within our DNA…we owe that to you and the rest of our users!

Still worried? You can read our privacy, terms & conditions, and EULA (including terms of service), watch our security video, and ask around.

How do I get started? +

If you haven’t yet, you may begin a 14-day trial by <a href=”https://www.knowmail.me/products/outlook/”>installing Knowmail for Outlook</a> on your own. Simply register to download throughout the site (home page, product, or navigation bar), install, and begin. Prior to the end of the trial, you will receive a few reminders, at which point you may decide to continue by purchasing a license, or remove and uninstall (Knowmail won’t be functional past the 14-day period)

What do you mean I’ll “influence” the product roadmap and development? +

We are very good listeners. Ever since we’ve released our Alpha, then Beta versions, our users have been very active: updating us on issues, their overall experience, and ideas for features and improvement. We’ve made sure to stay in touch, update on our progress, ask in-depth questions, and have even implemented many improvements thanks to their feedback…we absolutely encourage and wait for it! Hey, we even share Knowmail product roadmap to get everyone’s 2cents (coming soon).

Is the trial for 14 or 44 days? +

The trial is for 14-days, so once it ends, you will be required to make a purchase to continue using Knowmail for Outlook. But, we extend a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you’ve decided to cancel during your first paid month, we will refund you in its entirety.

What if I wish to cancel after the trial and grace period? +

If you’ve purchased month-by-month, you will only be charged per the month of use (no retroactive refund per daily use). If you’ve purchased the Annual package with the discount, you will be refunded pro-rate based on original monthly cost.

Why don’t you support more than one email account? +

Technically, we can support many email accounts, but the thing is that you behave differently in each account and therefore it take more time to develop our A.I. to learn that, after all, we don’t want you to miss an important email…stay tuned as we continue to develop our personalized A.I.

Will you support Gmail with Microsoft Outlook? +


Well, Gmail doesn’t play nice with Outlook, so it takes more time to develop the same experience like exchange or Office 365, but we’re working on it!

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