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What is Knowmail?

Knowmail is an intelligent inbox assistant using artificial intelligence to learn your email communication habits, thereby able to prioritize emails for you by importance. Furthermore, additional features are provided to help you spend less time on email and more on getting things done.

Which email accounts/clients/platforms are supported by Knowmail

Knowmail supports the following accounts/platforms:
- Knowmail for Outlook supports work email addresses associated with O365 (Office) business accounts. using Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2010 and newer
- Knowmail for Cortana supports work email addresses associated with O365 (Office) business accounts or Gmail accounts.
- Knowmail mobile supports the above in iOS or Android, as well as Gmail.
If you have other emails/platforms not yet supported, please sign up through the navigation bar, and we will notify you once additional releases are planned and launched.

Does Knowmail support multiple accounts?

No. Knowmail doesn’t currently support multiple accounts.

How does Knowmail learn my habits?

Once you’ve authorized Knowmail, it scans your mailbox and your email habits. All such data is analyzed by Knowmail’s machine learning algorithm to provide an individual prediction model for each user and is processed daily to maintain ongoing learning and personalization. To learn more, please watch the video in our Products page.

How to guides

Complete Knowmail services guides

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  • Installation guides

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  • Product Roadmap

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    Release Notes

    Knowmail for Outlook
    Knowmail for Mobile

    Security & Privacy

    How can I be sure Knowmail for Outlook is maintaining my privacy?

    Knowmail's unique architecture is built to ensure that private data will never leave your device. Only behavioral statistics related to the email will be transmitted to the cloud in a secured manner to ensure that privacy is not compromised. To learn more, please watch our Knowmail for Outlook security video or the Enterprise solution security.

    Do you keep any of my emails/passwords somewhere?

    Knowmail doesn’t store any e-mail, personal data or passwords. All data is analyzed on the client side, with statistical and anonymized data moved to Knowmail cloud for processing towards Knowmail’s features and predictions. To learn more of the process, watch our Privacy and Security video on our Products page.

    Who can see my data?

    No one can see your data as all user’s info is encrypted with only the user able to view it.

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