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Messaging, Bots, And Humans In Between
Flarrio. 7/29/2017

“Of course, we need to know the difference between workflows and bots, where the intelligence lies, and how much they can really do, but all in all, there is hope that bots will help us with email, fitness, work, and other tedious tasks we’re hoping to avoid.

How to Get More Done With the Sound of Your Voice
Asian Efficiency. 7/27/2017

“By using a tool like Knowmail, you can employ the power of artificial intelligence to weed out spam and unnecessary emails. This makes your day much easier on Monday when you come back into the office and find an inbox filled to the brim.

8 Ways to Increase Productivity With Cortana and Alexa 7/24/2017

“Knowmail for Cortana uses Artificial Intelligence to learn your email habits and behaviors, and with it show you only your most urgent of emails so you don’t have to dig through your inbox for the one email that needs your attention right now.

Artificial Intelligence for…Communications With Customers
Intuit. 7/12/2017

“AI apps like Knowmail cut down on email reading time by learning your habits and using this knowledge to determine which emails should be moved to the top of the list.

A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for businesses
Hackernoon. 7/11/2017

“Knowmail — an assistant that helps you cleverly manage your inbox

This is how the artificial intelligence field appears to Israeli developers at Hackathon AI
Gadgety. 7/9/2017

“The Hackathon was organized by Avishai Pariz – Biz Dev manager at IronSource, Ariel Kedem – VP Products at Knowmail, and Uri Eliabayev, Product manager at Doorbill. 

6 voicebot challenges and opportunities
VentureBeat. 7/2/2017

“A tool to share my actual Cortana email experience can make this personalized and trustworthy, so we can listen and understand the value of voice.

Meet Hackathon AI on the subjects of chatbots and artificial intelligence
Gadgety. 7/2/2017

“Knowmail is developing an AI based engine to prioritize email for enterprise employees and help them work more efficiently and productively.

Cortana + Harmon Kardon = Invoke, a Windows based home assistant
TechGenix. 5/24/2017

“Microsoft has partnered up with a number of companies to build Cortana skills within the United States: Knowmail…

How to use AI to make emails more fun (or just less painful)
Technobuffalo. 5/20/2017

“Knowmail is a good solution if you have that problem. It depends on advanced, AI-driven technology to learn the actions you take when certain kinds of emails come in, then filters them into proper channels so it’s easier for you to assess and deal with each message appropriately.

Cortana moves way beyond being a personal assistant
InfoWorld. 5/18/2017

“The initial release of skills includes enterprise apps like the Tact sales tool and the Knowmail email management service.

Here Are 9 Boston Artificial Intelligence Startups to Watch
BostInno. 5/15/2017

This Israeli startup, which relocated to the Boston area in 2016, uses AI to predict the priority of emails that hit people’s inbox, primarily Microsoft Outlook users.

Microsoft Cortana skills: Which are available now and how do they work?
PocketLint. 5/12/2017

“Intelligent Inbox Assistant: “Hey Cortana, ask Knowmail to show my urgent emails.””

Build 2017 Microsoft AI Partner Video
Channel9. 5/11/2017

“…discover how some Microsoft partners are embracing the latest in AI technologies. Partners showcased include: Knowmail…”

Here are some of the Cortana Skills you can try out today
MSPowerUser. 5/10/2017

“Here are some of the skills that are available in Cortana right now:…Knowmail.”

Public preview of Cortana Skills Kit is finally out; these skills available right now
MobileScout. 5/10/2017

“Some of the skills are already available and ready to be used in Windows 10, Android and iOS. These skills can work with a Cortana-powered speaker as well…Knowmail.”

Cortana Skills Kit launches alongside 20+ new voice apps
VentureBeat. 5/10/2017

“The Cortana Skills Kit became publicly available today. That means developers can make voice apps for the intelligent assistant used by 145 million monthly active users, and an initial group of voice apps is also now available. The first four skills available for Cortana…Knowmail.”

Cortana Skills Kit empowers developers to build intelligent experiences for millions of users
Windows Blog. 5/10/2017

“We are also excited to announce a wide range of partners who have joined us on this journey and are building Cortana skills…Knowmail”

How Deep Learning Is Changing Your Life
CEEIF. 4/13/2017

“Knowmail, uses an AI engine to increase productivity and engagement. Knowmail has developed an enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that utilizes AI and acts as a personal assistant to help employees communicate and collaborate more effectively within the workplace.”

You’ve Got Em-ai-l!
Pulse. 4/13/2017

“Knowmail interacts with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server to manage emails, while accommodating and learning email habits, time management and personal preferences.”

Artificial Intelligence Will Solve the Information Overload Epidemic 4/12/2017

“So, thanks to AI and our personal data, we can solve information overload by making the electronic secretary a realistic virtual personal assistant. It may be artificial, but it is personal and real.”

The pros and cons of an IoT-connected world
ReadWrite. 4/6/2017

“…even our email will work on our behalf, so we can avoid irrelevant messages and stop wasting our main limited resource…time.”

Why bots need to get more personal 
VentureBeat. 4/2/2017

“AI personalization will surely evolve in the coming years, as my virtual personal assistant (VPA) not only order for me, but will know my preferences.”

3 AI Tools for a More Productive Workday 
Flarrio. 4/2/2017

“Knowmail installs in Outlook, studies how you email, your habits, and preferences in order to deliver and sort your email to match your needs. Knowmail sorts your email by priority – urgent, important, and other.”

How AI Personal Assistants Will Fill Secretarial Duties
Nanalyze. 3/28/2017

“Knowmail learns your email habits and preferences and delivers important messages as needed.”

25 interesting European AI start-ups to watch in 2017
Silicon Republic. 3/23/2017

“Knowmail acts as a personal assistant helping people to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.”

How inevitable is the AI takeover of jobs? And where does UBI fit in?
Brainsins. 3/21/2017

“Abramson, has some good advice to remember: ‘What can never be replaced is ingenuity, creativity, empathy, and insight.’”

What will be the primary IoT device in your life? 
ReadWrite. 3/10/2017

“With more interest, devices, processing power and ideas, IoT will take place around us whether we like it or not.”

Is Siri lying to you? Knowing when a bot sounds trustworthy is the next step in digital security 
Quartz. 3/9/2017

“…VUIs will soon become more than just an added feature to existing platforms. Voice-activation will change the way we interact with our computers, the way we shop, and our interaction with those around us, so we need to tread carefully.”

What should be the requirements in IoT communication? 
ReadWrite. 3/8/2017

“…for IoT to truly become the “next thing” with all devices and users connected in and out of the home, we must take a look at the cost of connection, device type, and privacy.”

5 Bold Predictions For Israeli Tech In 2017 
Forbes. 12/29/2016

“VCs have taken note of this trend and have been backing numerous startups across a variety of industries lately including…Knowmail, helping drive innovation in this area.”

Microsoft Cortana is about to become your all-purpose productivity bot
VentureBeat. 12/16/2016

“A company called Knowmail is planning to integrate its email automation engine with Cortana. We don’t know all of the details yet, but Cortana will be able to flag important messages as “urgent” and read them to you.”

Work & Tech Life Balance
Digital Mindfulness Podcast. 12/16/2016

“Knowmail really uses Artificial Intelligence almost as an intelligent assistant or intelligent agent, learning how you work, learning what emails are most important to you…”

Microsoft Cortana will soon help you declutter your inbox — and possibly eliminate email altogether 
VentureBeat. 12/15/2016

“It’s a lofty goal, but a company called Knowmail is catching the vision. They recently told me they will integrate their email automation plug-in with the Microsoft Cortana digital assistant.”

Knowmail scores $3.5M to apply AI to your inbox 
TechCrunch. 12/14/2016

“The problem that Knowmail has set out to solve can perhaps be best described as communication or information overload, something that it believes AI is best-positioned to tackle..”

Microsoft to open Cortana virtual assistant to third-party devices and apps 
TechCrunch. 12/13/2016

“The Skills Kit preview is on now for a few select partners privately, a lineup that includes Knowmail, Capital One, Expedia and TalkLocal.”

Cortana Skills Kit announced, will allow Cortana to do transactions through conversation 
MarTech 12/13/2016

“Using a bot in Cortana now called Knowmail for any urgent messages. It responds there’s one and does he want it read. Then reads it.”

Cortana to open up to new devices and developers with Cortana Skills Kit and Cortana Devices SDK 
Windows Blog 12/13/2016

“Knowmail is applying AI to the problem of email overload and used the Bot Framework to build a bot which they’ve published to Cortana. Their intelligent solution works in Outlook and Office 365, learning your email habits in order to prioritize which emails to focus on while on-the-go in the time you have available.”

How work is changing in the age of AI
TNW. 11/18/2016

“…Personal digital assistants will become far more accessible for employees across the entire office hierarchy…”

From Emails to Health: AI is Disrupting These Industries 
INC. 11/8/2016

“On a broader scope is Knowmail, whose AI engine personalizes work messaging as to save you time, help you focus and improve productivity.”

Push notifications are driving us crazy 
Quartz 10/26/2016

“As more and more of these notifications pop up on our phones and desktops, it has allowed us to keep connected to the world 24/7—whether we like it or not.”

Why workflows and bots are not the same thing 
VentureBeat 9/11/2016

“Bots attend to more complex issues and don’t necessarily follow one rule but may instead require numerous actions or steps to fulfill a task. In addition, they are able to adapt to a situation thanks to their ability to adjust to different states or requirements.” 

3 Magical Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Save Your Time
MakeUseOf 9/5/2016

“A forthcoming product called Knowmail monitors your habits to see which emails you treat as high priority and which ones are lower. It can then prioritize your inbox to show you the important ones first.” 

Prioritization vs. Personalization
Huffington Post 8/28/2016

“An interesting and innovative example that is available today for Microsoft platforms (Exchange and O365) is Knowmail which personalizes the enterprise inbox with AI by the individual’s state-of-mind and availability, including time-saving predictions for frequent actions”

Can Artificial Intelligence Answer Our Email?
Forbes 2/18/2016

“Knowmail is also having a stab at the AI email market. This technology acts not instead of but alongside and inside of existing email clients. The software itself provides messaging services including prioritization, smart summary and ‘next best action’ on Outlook for Windows.”

Amount of work emails driving you Crazy? there’s another way
PC 12/13/2015

“Many arrive to work and are faced with email overload, consisting of irrelevant emails as well –  and it is difficult to find the needle in the haystack. Knowmail aims to solve this problem and enable us to work with a calmer mind”

5 Email Helpers you Need to Install Right Now
CIO 11/18/2015

“Knowmail uses advanced algorithms to decide what is important to the user in a given situation, and displays it with elegant simplicity that makes for much faster processing.”

Israeli Artificial Intelligence Startup Opens Boston-Area HQ
Bostinno 11/11/2015

“Knowmail wants to end your email overload”

Why 2015 will Bring the Death of Email Overload
Inc. 5/29/2015

“Email is taking a back seat…”

Knowmail Chief Operating Officer Joins Information Overload Research Group Steering Team
Yahoo, 5/20/2015

“Knowmail… announced today that the Chief Operating Officer (COO) Oded Avital joins the information Overload Research Group (IORG) as a Steering Team Member to shape the effects of information overload on the corporate culture”

Knowmail: A personal assistant for your mailbox
Launching Next, 5/3/2015

“Like a true personal assistant, it adjusts itself to you, helping you work less and achieve more”

Knowmail raising $ 1.2 million to improve the way we work with Mail
Geektime, 2/25/2015

“Knowmail intends to optimize the way we work with email. The company has now raised $1.2 Million…”

Knowmail Receives $1.2M Seed Round to Tackle Corporate Email
Dow Jones, 2/24/2015

“Knowmail plans to use the money to expand its sales and development operations as well as to add more partnerships and enhance the product’s capabilities…”

Saas Company Knowmail raises $1.2 million
Globes, 2/24/2015

“Knowmail’s technology was developed to understand each professional and their goals so that they can rely on Knowmail’s artificial intelligence to help manage time and be more productive on the job”

Knowmail Raises $1.2M in Seed Round, to Help You Prioritize Important Emails, 2/24/2015

“The SaaS acts as a personal assistant to help employees communicate and collaborate more effectively”

E-mail management service Knowmail raises $1.2 million
Vator News, 2/24/2015

“Knowmail learns the habits of each individual employee and corporation to prioritize work objectives”

Knowmail Raises $1.2M In Seed Funding
FinSMEs, 2/24/2015

“Knowmail is a SaaS personal assistant for professionals that manages email overload and prioritizes work objectives”

Knowmail CEO Haim Senior at Microsoft Accelerator demo day
Youtube, 08/06/2014

“Knowmailis the only application that brings personalization into your mailbox by using big data analytics…”