Knowmail for Cortana

An email assistant across multiple devices

Your personal assistant whether sitting down or on-the-go
Urgent emails only!
Ensure you put out fires before they start by viewing your urgent emails first
Be responsive
Quick and efficient actions keep you in control even with only a few minutes to spare
Use your commute wisely and safely to set your table before arriving to the office
Your personal assistant whether sitting down or on-the-go
Ensure you put out fires before they start by viewing your urgent emails first
Quick and efficient actions keep you in control even with only a few minutes to spare
Use your commute wisely and safely to set your table before arriving to the office

Cortana FAQ

Is Knowmail for Cortana maintaining my privacy?

Knowmail's unique architecture is built to ensure that private data will never leave your device. Only behavioral statistics related to the email will be transmitted to the cloud in a secured manner to ensure that privacy is not compromised. To learn more, please watch our Digital Assistants security video.

I don’t see Knowmail displayed in Cortana’s home (I used to)

Starting from Windows 10, Version 1803 : Microsoft has removed the canvas display and thus the Knowmail urgent emails procvided b skill aren't visible on Cortana's home. Still, Knowmail's Cortana voice skill is still present and kicking, allowing you to listen to your most urgent emails, and act upon them with your voice.

Which email accounts are supported?

Currently Knowmail for Cortana supports only work emails associated with O365 (office) business accounts only. Due to the huge interest, personal account support is planned.

I don’t see Cortana on my computer

Cortana must be enabled (not hidden) to be accessible from the task bar. It will be displayed as the Cortana circle icon and located to the right of the ‘Start’ button on the bottom-left of your screen. If it isn’t visible, check if it is hidden by going to the right-hand side of the task bar, and right click on the notification arrow, navigate to “Cortana”, and select “Show Cortana icon”, at which point the icon will display on bottom left.

How do I sign into Cortana on my computer

You must be signed into Cortana in order to connect to Knowmail or any other skills and features Cortana offers. To sign in, click on the Cortana icon on bottom left of your screen, navigate to the “notebook”, at which point it will offer you to sign in (if you aren’t already). Click the sign in button, and select the email account you’ve previously been signed into. If you never have before, the add your Microsoft associated email and sign in.

How do I connect to Knowmail in Cortana’s Canvas?

Open the Connected Accounts page in Cortana: Notebook > Connected Services > Add a service, select Knowmail and follow the prompts. Click on Cortana home and scroll down to view your experience. Note: initial analysis of your mailbox may take a few hours (depending on your inbox size).

How do I connect to Knowmail’s voice experience?

Open Cortana on desktop or mobile > click the microphone and trigger by the statement: “Ask Knowmail to show my urgent emails” > a new window will open allowing you to log in and connect to the reactive experience. An additional 'trigger' statement may be: "Ask Knowmail if I have urgent emails"

I’m unable to connect to the service, what can I do?

- Are you trying to connect with a supported account? (only O365/Office 365 accounts are currently supported). - If your account is supported, then please check that you’ve entered your username and password correctly. - If login details are correct and you still cannot connect, please email support@knowmail.mewith the issue, along with details on the device, OS and more.

I’ve connected successfully, but I don’t see my emails in Cortana

Make sure you are successfully connected by going to connected accounts and checking if the option next to Knowmail is to ‘disconnect’ (hence, you are connected). If you are connected, then go back to Cortana’s home page and refresh it: - Mobile: drag down from top of screen - Desktop: click on Cortana’s Home icon

I see a card that states ‘There are no urgent emails’, even though I already received an email in my inbox

Knowmail will only display Urgent emails within Cortana based on our intelligent and learning algorithms, as well as messages which are convenient to read within Cortana; meeting invites or emails with attachments may not display. In addition, emails automatically directed to folders per pre-created filters and rules will not display in Cortana. If you’ve received plenty of emails since connecting and are still not seeing any in Cortana, please email support with the issue, along with details on the device, OS and more.

Which emails can I see in Knowmail?

Knowmail will only display your most urgent emails – ones that need your immediate attention. Meeting invites or emails with attachments may not display for the time being yet may be included after your email behavior is further learned.

What actions can I do in Cortana?

- In the beginning, you can view/read email, quickly reply, and click to open the email in Outlook web view. - Upcoming features will grant additional benefits and enhance the experience further.

What happens to my inbox emails once I view them in Cortana?

All your emails remain in your inbox, but their state changes from ‘unread’ to ‘read’ once viewed in Cortana.

When I reply to an email in Knowmail, who is it sent to?

- Currently, “Reply All” is the only reply action.
- In upcoming versions, you will have the option to Reply or Reply All.

I received a notification that my password has expired, what do I do?

In case you’ve changed your password, or the connection to Knowmail needs to be reestablished, you are required to re-login to Knowmail in Cortana. Follow the prompt.

Can I also install Knowmail on my desktop?

Knowmail for desktop is currently available for Microsoft Outlook 2010-16 users for Windows.
- If that’s your email client, then please visit Knowmail for Outlook for further info.
- If you’re looking for a mobile solution, visit our iOS/Android solution.
- Any other email clients/platforms, please sign up from the navigation bar to be notified of future solutions/releases.

How do I disconnect from the service?

To disconnect, go to Notebook > Connected services > Knowmail > click “disconnect”.
Please give us just a few words on why you’ve decided to leave 😊. It will help improve Knowmail to all current and future users.

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