Cortana Email On-the-Go Experiences

Knowmail for Cortana uses personalized artificial intelligence to help you focus on things that matter most, do more with less effort, and balance work and life.

About the Knowmail experience

Knowmail delivers your most urgent emails in the Cortana card or as you ask for them. In addition, quick actions are available for you either by a click or your voice.

Which emails will I see in Cortana?

Knowmail will only display urgent emails* within Cortana based on an intelligent, tailor-made machine, also considering messages which are convenient to read in Cortana.

Which actions are available in Cortana?

Within the Knowmail skill, you may view and read your emails, as well as open them in Outlook web view for an expanded view.

Quick actions available: Reply All and skip to the Next Email.

*meeting invites or emails with attachments may not display. In addition, emails automatically directed to folders per pre-created filters and rules will not display in Cortana.

How to get Knowmail on Cortana?

Knowmail’s canvas experience

How to connect video, imagery, and instructions found below:

(If you do not see Cortana in the taskbar, aren’t signed in to begin with, or encounter any issues, please check our Cortana FAQ or contact us)

*work emails associated with O365 business accounts only at this time. Sign up to be notified when available for other email accounts. 

Open Cortana on your desktop > go to the Connected Accounts page in the Notebook > Connected Services > Add a service > select Knowmail > follow the prompts to log in and connect

Click on Cortana home and scroll down to view your experience. Note that your email habits need to be learned before emails will be displayed. initial analysis of your mailbox may take a few hours (depending on your inbox size).

Knowmail’s voice-reactive experience

Open Cortana on desktop or mobile > select the microphone and say the following: “Ask Knowmail to show my urgent emails” > a new window will open to enter your credentials and connect you to the reactive experience

*work emails associated with O365 business accounts only at this time. Sign up to be notified when available for other email accounts. 

Support & feedback

Re-establishing a connection with Knowmail in Cortana?

If you’ve changed your O365 password, or the connection to Knowmail expired, you will be prompted to re-login and reconnect.

You will receive a success message once the connection was made.

If you encounter any issues or have some feedback, we recommend you use the Cortana feedback tool or contact us directly at

For more info, check our FAQ for Cortana for how tos and known issues, as well as our unique security architecture for the Cortana experience.