Introducing PAI: Personalized Artificial Intelligence

Privately learns you – to better serve you

Knowmail’s PAI enhances user experience by understanding their needs through messaging and providing relevant predicated preferences & next-best-actions in connected platforms/devices.

How it’s relevant for the end-user?

By understanding individual’s needs and state-of-mind, a user may move forward quickly and more efficiently on actions which include (but aren’t limited to) one-click move to predicted folder, deferring an email to return at appropriate times, muting oneself from an ongoing thread and more.

The Technology

Knowmail gathers data by connecting to input sensors within email, Skype, Slack and additional channels opted into. Data is analyzed and may arrive at insights such as priority, urgency, importance, usage, timetables, favorites (people/topics/products) and more. It is then sent forward through RESTful API to available channels and bots, including the ability to be integrated within native Virtual Personal Assistants (V-PA).

Knowmail is developed for various integrations

For Microsoft Outlook, as a bot for individual queries, as well as it may be integrated as a V-PA within native apps/devices.

A machine you can trust

Knowmail is dedicated to user’s trust, privacy and security

Data Extraction/Digestion process overview

Knowmail has built proprietary data modeling and extractions so risk of data exposure is minimized and your privacy isn’t compromised.

Client: In charge of processing all private data within the client itself. The client analyzes the data and extracts anonymized statistical information sent to the SaaS.

SaaS: Conducts the “heavy lifting” algorithmic analysis of the anonymized information and generates an updated mathematical model for the client.

Client/SaaS interface: The client that generates access to the server uses a secured https based interface. This interface is being used for the following functions:

  • Pushing statistical data (email non-personal properties and anonymized behavioral statistics) to the SaaS.
  • Pulling new mathematical models for prioritization or “next best action.”
  • Pulling updated software versions for the automatic client upgrade process.

Secure Infrastructure

SSL authentication:
Verifies the server certificate identity from the client using Knowmail’s SSL certificate.

Data Encryption:
Encrypts all data with different keys per user. Network infrastructure security: our entire infrastructure is protected with native and advanced cloud security including firewalls, network segregation etc.

In order to ensure the isolation of Knowmail’s backbone, all database and internal processes are located in the private subnet which cannot be accessed from the Internet. In cases that our developers need to access the private network or the public network via a connection different from https, they use a personal VPN based on permissions.

How does Knowmail protect your privacy?

In order to ensure your privacy, Knowmail’s architecture is divided between the client (on your computer) and the SaaS (in the cloud). The SaaS does not initiate connection with the client; rather, the client initiates contact to the server on a case by case basis.

The client is the “small brain” that provides local services and extracts anonymized data from your account. The cloud is the “big brain” that does the heavy lifting mathematical analysis of anonymized data sent by the client. This architecture ensures that all private information remains on your computer, while necessary, cloud based powerful data analysis is done in the most secure way possible. As your data is transferred to and analyzed in the cloud it is anonymized, encrypted, and segregated protecting it from being compromised.

Knowmail takes your privacy and security extremely seriously and has designed its product to satisfy the highest industrial security standards. If you have any questions please contact us and a representative will be happy to address any inquiries