Virtual Artificial Intelligence

Growing your business is becoming easier as technological advancements are steadily increasing. Overnight, computer technology is updating artificial intelligence platforms, so the latest marketing trends are always up to date. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more accurate in being useful for business marketing campaigns compared to outdated methods. Booming businesses utilize artificial intelligence via assistants to help with mundane scheduling, communication, and analyzing business marketing data. Virtual artificial intelligence assistants allot time for companies to direct their attention towards a job with higher priority. 

Putting artificial intelligence to work throughout your business will increase revenues. Virtual assistants give back time for your company to focus on what truly matters outside of work. 

What is the difference between artificial intelligence and intelligent virtual assistants?

-Artificial intelligence utilizes computer science, creating a more innovative algorithm online than the human brain. Computer algorithms assist with completing monotonous tasks that can AI can easily complete instantly. Artificial intelligence increases business revenue with computer algorithms limiting human error and increasing precision.  

-Intelligent virtual assistants use artificial intelligence in their algorithms. Computers generate an algorithm to connect with businesses and customers. Businesses are using intelligent virtual assistants to compile company data such as sales, clean inboxes, and increase extra security for emails. Utilizing AI assistants online allows businesses to connect with their customers.

How can intelligent virtual assistants increase business revenue and sales?

Intelligent virtual assistants are becoming more popular within businesses. Email marketing campaigns view intelligent virtual assistants as crucial to their business strategy as having a pristine product to sell to customers. Utilizing virtual personal AI assistants is an extra business tool to increase a business’s revenue.

Email marketing campaigns are a phenomenal way to increase a business’s sales and profits. Utilize practical email virtual assistant applications throughout your business to rapidly grow your business overnight. 

From the list below, here are the top 4 virtual artificial intelligence platforms to create a competitive and growing business:

Utilizing virtual email artificial intelligence creates more free time outside of work. Some platforms help structure your business schedule to fit your needs, coworkers, and customers.

Automate your business marketing emails:

Sending emails at proper times can assist businesses in communicating effectively with customers and colleagues. Virtual assistants utilizing artificial intelligence help automate specific times for sending emails. Automating emails via virtual assistant eases business owners’ workloads without worrying about reminding them to send an email to the prospective individual. Correctly sending emails at a proper time helps build a relationship between you and your customer, in hopes of gaining them as a forever customer.

Schedule business meetings and events efficiently. organizes your business meetings using artificial intelligence by managing events. As an event management platform, can help increase the company’s revenue, employee engagement and compile data on customers interacting during your meetings or events. 

Amy and Andrew are your virtual assistants organizing your business and can create business events swiftly within one platform. Amy coordinates meetings. To use Amy effectively, cc Amy on your emails as you’re trying to schedule appointments and she will do the rest. Amy, as your assistant, will send emails and automatically schedule meetings for you and your associates. 

Life never seems to slow down, and everyone’s schedule is always busy as the hustle and bustle culture grows. will help coordinate with coworkers and customers to schedule meetings without the constant back and forth. Cutting back on the annoying back and forth will save you and your business more time. There are only so many hours in a day, so saving every minute profits your business and personal time.

Cons of’s Amy

If someone doesn’t keep their calendar up to date, Amy may see an open calendar slot available. Not updating their calendar can cause conflicts if someone planned something but didn’t add it to their calendar. Amy can’t keep track of appointments if they aren’t on the calendar. If companies utilize Amy to schedule meetings, they recommend maintaining all calendars pertinent to the business up to date. 

  • Cortana

Microsoft is the founder of the virtual assistant Cortana. Comparing Cortana to’s assistant, Microsoft utilizes a virtual assistant, Henry, to increase efficiency within your business on their platform. 

As you use Cortana for important business matters, your business is safe. As an extra safety precaution, the platform protects your data to be secure. 

Utilizing Cortana as your business virtual artificial intelligence assistant:


Cortana coordinates your calendar with meetings and events for easy access to the calendar. By organizing meeting times and signing on for the session. Cortana is here to help schedule your appointments effectively.

You can schedule your Teams meetings via Cortana through Henry and voice assistance. 

-Voice assistance

The voice assistance option creates a hands-free opportunity. Hands-free increases productivity within businesses because it allows employees to multi-task without searching on search engines looking for their answers.

-Send personalized emails, voice assistance, and send customized emails via Cortana. Henry can increase your business’s productivity through the service of artificial intelligence. 

Cortana isn’t available for everybody, unfortunately. Currently, Cortana is only available in English for customers in the United States. 

  • Conversica

Conversica is different from other virtual artificial intelligence assistants. Instead of organizing your schedule and compiling emails, Conversica analyzes your market’s conversion rates. Compiling and analyzing company data helps understand business sales. 

Using natural language processing (NLU) in their platform helps boost your company’s revenue. NLU for artificial intelligence interprets human interactions via computer algorithms, considering the phrase’s meaning compared to the phrase’s literal meaning. By engaging with your consumers through sales via chatboxes and analyzing data, Conversica works alongside human interactions. Businesses shouldn’t see Conversica as a virtual assistant tool eliminating human beings but working alongside.

Features for Conversica:

-Increase conversion rates by engaging with future and past customers through chatbots.

-Saves costs by analyzing areas where your company is losing lost sales.

-Chatboxes produce an increase in the company’s revenue. Chatboxes help direct customers to the products they are looking to purchase. Chatbots can also quickly help solve common questions consumers may be asking. Quickly interacting with potential customers can help convert to sales rapidly and efficiently. Every time a customer clicks away from your site, that’s a lost sale. Optimizing all marketing tools to secure deals will significantly increase sales and profits. 

-Helps businesses increase revenue by collecting overdue payments. 

Growing your business and revenue can significantly increase once you take advantage of virtual email artificial intelligence for email marketing campaigns. With the rise of new technology and updates increasing so fast, learning how to use AI will keep you competitive in current business markets. 

 Managing calendars and events freeing up time has never been easier. with their AI personal assistant, Amy scheduling calendar events prevents the annoying back and forth between people. The extra free time allows your business to direct its attention to higher priority tasks. AI virtual assistants automate sending your business emails at the proper times to gain new customers. To grow your business effectively, you already know you need to begin investigating marketing tools to help your business gain a competitive edge against your competitors. Our quick guide will help increase business revenues through efficiently using AI virtual assistants.

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