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Emails are constantly being delivered to your inbox, becoming highly overwhelming. When you click unsubscribe from one, it seems like you are on a new subscriber list. Keeping up with the barrage of emails becomes impossible. With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) in technology, your inbox will stay clean, neat, and spam-free. 

Continuously decluttering your inbox will require too much time to check your inbox and delete non-pertinent emails. No one has time to keep up with massive amounts of marketing emails. 

There are easier ways to clean up your inbox than by clicking the “unsubscribe” button. Below we have a guide listing the best artificial intelligence tools to keep your inbox clutter-free.

Below is a list of five artificial intelligence email marketing management tools for growing businesses. AI strategies allow a starting business or someone to utilize AI to increase customers and profits. AI platform tools can help clean your inbox, add extra security, and organize emails without dropping big money. They may not have all the bells and whistles on one platform, but they certainly get the job done. 

 1. AutoSnoozer

 AutoSnoozer requires a Gmail account because it is available as a plugin option for Gmail accounts. It takes the concept of creating block schedules to review emails. Program the time of day you prefer emails to balance the perfect work-life. Snoozing emails saves time and focuses on more critical tasks.

AutoSnoozer is a platform that doesn’t save any personal data, making it a nice perk. The platform reads the email’s subject tagline, so it’s incapable of reading personal data. Your personal information is safe by reading only the subject, and AutoSnoozer will never leak data. 

2. Snovio Unlimited Email Tracker.

It’s an extension on your Gmail account and can plugin right into your internet browser’s extension. Unfortunately, Snovio isn’t available for all email platforms. It’s a free program to utilize with your email marketing campaigns. 

Each time your customer views your email, Snovio analyzes and tracks the data. Tracking your business data is helpful for marketing campaigns because you can understand what emails your target audience is clicking on. It’s an excellent way to compile data for your marketing emails to understand your business strengths and weaknesses and adapt. 

Offers unique features to keep your business emails organized while forming a deeper understanding of your marketing campaigns—Analyzes information on how your emails transform clicks into converts, generate sales, and increase business profits. 


An audited email marketing strategy helps businesses understand the types of emails their consumer is opening. Investigating your customers’ emails can help you know what is working for the company and what isn’t. You can add an extension to your internet browser.

Increases in data analysis. It has a generating email template, so you don’t need to worry about how to send the best emails. The email templates give you time back to your day to focus on more critical tasks for your business or even get you out of the office earlier to be at home relaxing. 

SalesHandy isn’t exclusively for Gmail users. Outlook platform users have the option in addition to Gmail users adding SalesHandy to their email extension as a plugin.

It offers three plans that fit your business needs: a free, regular, plus, and enterprise plan. You can do a trial run to see if SalesHandy increases your business’s revenues and adds on extra features later before being too committed. 

3. Polycred

Polycred is a free email security tool businesses utilize to add an extra security blanket. Polycred doesn’t filter or organize your inbox. Unlike other artificial intelligence email platforms, Polycred protects subscribers from data breaches equally as important. 

Polycred protects your email from data breaches by filtering your email. Phishing emails come from cyber-attacks looking to steal personal information, such as bank accounts, credit card numbers, or customer information. Phishing emails for a business can cause massive data breaches affecting the company and potential customer information. Add an extra security blanket to your email, keeping your data safe and secure using Polycred. 

Keeping pride within its company, Polycred advertises for never selling customer information. 

The lite version is free. If the lite version doesn’t fit your criteria, there is a pro-option. It’s a versatile cleaning service for your email and has the capabilities to work on the majority of email platforms. As an additional plugin to your business email, Polycred gives you extra security. 


Instantly unsubscribe yourself from multiple business email campaigns or spam emails. Through a quick click of a button, you can declutter your inbox. organizes email subscriptions your company favors through their “The Rollup” option. The Rollup tool combines all email subscriptions in one location for easier access. encrypts personal data from individuals who subscribe to its services.


Clean your email instantly while organizing your inbox. Mailstrom utilizes a different style of inbox cleaning; it compiles categories for your emails. It gives the subscriber the power to delete and keep certain emails. Mailstrom doesn’t have the bells and whistles of artificial intelligence. It allows you to control what you think is important personally. 

You can sign-up for a free 14-day trial of Mailstrom before committing. The monthly cost is affordable, set at 14$ a month. It’s a highly effective tool to clean emails in less than an hour. 

5. CleanEmail

Instantly cleans emails with a swift click of a button utilizing artificial intelligence. CleanEmail offers an email organizing service supporting all email services compared to focusing on one leading email platform, Gmail. Quickly clean your inbox, giving time back to your day instead of sorting between pertinent information and marketing ads. 

Organize your business emails and create a structure for a large number of emails. A clean email assists with finding information promptly about business information.

Filters within the platform instantly organize your inbox. Unclutter your inbox by unsubscribing and blocking pesty email campaigns. Cleaning your inbox provides easier access to find emails pertinent to your business. 

The platform offers additional resources to send personalized emails to prospering customers and colleagues. A read-later service is available to “snooze” on emails to read at a better time. The read-later option allows businesses to delegate and focus on more critical tasks. 

Offers a free trial of cleaning and deleting 1,000 emails. If it’s a service you enjoy, subscribers can pay for monthly subscriptions based on the number of associated email accounts. With the rise of technology, there is a greater need for helpful artificial intelligence email marketing tools to boost your business. Utilizing artificial intelligence gives total control back to the company and management. With the rise of cyber threats, protecting your business from phishing is essential to your business and customers. One wrong click can email data breaches causing turmoil for you and your customers. An equipped inbox will protect your business from data breaches. You are providing yourself with peace of mind knowing that you have an extra security blanket for your business online—additional protection by disregarding possible phishing email campaigns. There are marketing campaign tools companies are utilizing with artificial intelligence boosting their company’s revenues and gaining customer loyalty.

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